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Exclamation New Betta has Dislocated Gill??

I just brought home three two-tailed bettas, Comet, King and Alnitak. Comet and King seem to be perfectly fine, but when I put Alnitak into his bowl I realized that his left gill seemed to be dislocated, as if it had popped off its hinges. He also seems to be less active than the others, and has a tendancy to let himself fall over and lay on the bottom of the tank. The most worrisome of his actions is when he swims around; he keeps tipping up onto his tail, with his head pointed at the surface, as if he can't keep himself horozontal. I have also realized that his pelvic / ventral fins (first two fins on underside of fish) are shrivelled and twisted, and these areas are black.

If he was behaving propperly I wouldn't be nearly so concerned, but as it is I don't know if Alnitak is just stressed from the move (which happened yesterday) or if it's something worse. Considering the physical signs, I really think that it might be a problem, and I would appreciate any help from the community.

I've uploaded a few images of Alnitak. The first is the best picture I could get of his ventral fins, and it also shows the extent to which his left gill is open. The second shows him lying at the bottom of the tank, which he will do for a few minutes straight before moving again. The third is him resting on his tail at the bottom of the tank.
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looks like one of is gill flaps is stuck open, nothing much to worry about, IMO.

How big is your tank?

How often do you clean it?

What do you feed your betta, and how much?


ammonia level?



When you do a water change, what do you add to the water?


Also, not sure, but he may have a ,title bit of fin rot..
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I've only had them for a day now, and I unfortunately followed the advice of the pet shop employee and got tanks that are way too small (3L), but that will be fixed in the next few days.

I was told to clean the tank every two weeks (though now I am serriously questioning all of the advice), and to change the water once 'every couple of days' which I took to mean two or three. I've been using distilled water.

I feed them each two pellets of Nutrafin Max every day.

As to the chemical levels I have to say that I am completely ignorant as to what they are and how to test for them.

I would apreciate any advice about care and maintenance, as this is my first time with bettas.
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Kenny G
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Yes you were given bad advice. With tanks that size you need to do daily water changes. Once you upgrade the tanks be sure to get a filter and a heater. Regarding maintenance if your looking to buy a test kit/strips to test your levels research online and see which one best suits your needs for the size tanks you will have. Most importantly always make sure add water conditioner to the water. If you don't have a problem with hard or colored water use tap water. Treat it with the conditioner and let it sit out for 24 hours to make sure its room temperature.
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dislocated gill, illness, lethargic, new betta, twisted ventral fins

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