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Originally Posted by SpookyTooth View Post
Is she actively taking pieces out of the plant and eating it or is it her "pecking" at it? I've noticed that my fish will often forage for microfauna amongst the plants in their tank, while it may appear that they are attempting to eat the plant itself they are actually just nipping at the foliage to remove whatever tasty morsel is there.
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This is the plant i put it into the tank
She started to take out piece and eat it, she probably shallow it because once the plant piece go into her mouth it never comes out anymore.
However i removed it from the tank already.
Im not sure what kind of plant it is but i bought it from petshop as well, the worker there told me this plant is suitable for betta.
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Eh. Never trust anything they tell you.
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actually your pet store guy was not too far off. I would feed a full grown betta 4-5 pellets a day. it depends on the size of your female too. sometimes they are tiny and sometimes they can be rather large. you can fast her one day a week to prevent constipation.
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6 pellets a day pf any size is too much. I would say 2/day AT MOST pref.
I'm sorry -- but it really depends on the size of the betta/size of the pellets.

I feed all of mine bettamin, which is a larger pellet. My small girl gets 2 pellets 2 x per day, my stunted male gets the same.

My plakat is twice their size and is thriving on 4-5 pellets twice a day. He is a big, meaty fish and that's how much food he needs. 2 a day "at most" would malnourish him.

If the OP's betta is a large female and the pellets are small, I don't see anything wrong with that feeding schedule. If she was tiny, yes it would look like overfeeding.

And eating a bit of plant matter won't hurt your betta. Maybe she likes the taste. :)

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BUT she is nibbling at the plant, and sorry for the under-estimation, but I guess my bettas do not need as much. Pog, is his prime years, needed only 1 pellet every other day and he thrived, now he ets 1/day and is still big and strong. He is a special case though, and I guess I was maybe thinking of him when I posted that, but bettas DO need less than it looks like, and I would suspect that if you just dropped 1 pellet from each feeding on that "big meaty" betta he would still thrive just as much. Maybe it is also the brands we have used, and maybe the brands I use have more nutrition compared to yours, but yeah... just trying to keep from lookign stupid ^_^ sorry for contradicting
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shayebri, spookytooth, teeneythebetta

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