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Fin Rot, or Biting, or...?

I was doing a water change today and noticed that my betta's fins are looking kind of icky.
I have attatched a photo of how they looked a couple of days ago and today how they are looking. I noticed the light spots on the bottom of his fins yesterday but didn't think much of it and now they look like this.

2.5, heated, filtered tank. 2, 50% water changes weekly. He eats normally, swims normally, etc.
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I'm pretty sure that's rotting. Try adding some aqaurium salt while changing the water. Make sure it dissolves before putting the fish in or he might eat it.
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That is fin rot without a doubt. Biting produces a horseshoe like look and bites through the spines of the fin.

AQ salt is indeed your best bet for now because it may not need to be treated with anything harsh just yet.

The fact he is swimming well is a good sign. Fish have little feeling in their fins so splits don't bother them unless it is something making them feel sick (like infections)
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Wow, what spectacular fins! They should grow back no worries, but I would up your water changes a bit, as ammonia's the most obvious cause of little holes and thinning. In a 2.5 g tank, filter or not, I'd probably do 2-3 30% changes per week minimum. Fish with huge fins like that, I tend to do more.

The plastic plants might also be irritating them - can you swap them out for soft, silk ones?

I don't see any black on his fins, which is a good sign. If there was, I'd recommend salt as a first step cure. But I don't see it so I recommend a couple of major water changes with a good gravel vac, and then just trying really clean water for a couple weeks, as long as he stays healthy in every other regard. The new growth will look pale, sometimes a bit spiny at the ends as new rays grow in.

If that doesn't work, or he starts to look poorly in general, it may be something more serious, but for now, that's what I'd do.
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