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Mixing platties

Can you mix different species of platy together?

Ex. Sunburst Platy & Red Wag Platy
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Yes you can. I have a blue varitus platy that I bred with a red wag. The colours you come out with can be pretty cool sometimes. You can also breed platys with mollies and create a hybrid although most don't live very long and if they do they are sterile. Mollies and platies are cousins that's why you can breed them kinda like horses and donkeys.
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I think you can mix varieties provided that any fry you produce are kept for your own use. People spend a huge amount of time and effort developing individual strains, and their work can be undone in a single generation.

This goes for Angelfish, discus, goldfish and all livebearers.

I realize mine is probably a minority view, because most fish stores, unless they are really into livebearers, offer all their swords, platies, mollies and guppies in single tanks of assorted fish which virtually guarantees that strains will not remain pure.

Technically, either each strain should be kept separately from each other strain, or each tank should only contain fish of a single gender. And as Gabrielle mentioned, interspecies crosses should be avoided, so platies and swords should not cohabitate, either.
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