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My boys aren't doing so well...

I just put my 2 male bettas in a divided 10 gallon tank yesterday. They started flaring at each other right away and did so until I went to bed. Today they haven't been doing well at all. The one is now laying at the bottom. They both have clamped fins and it looks like one is tail biting. I didn't think they would get stressed this fast Will they be okay until I can figure out a fix to the divider so they can't see through so well? It's a divided 10 gallon filtered tank without aeration. It's heated at 78 degrees. They have live plants are are feed Haikari Betta Bio Gold, 3 pellets twice a day and fast once a week. Bloodworms as treats. It's only been up a day or so so I haven't checked the parameters. I also use Prime conditioner. I think I covered everything.
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What were they in before? Any move to a new environment, especially if the size of their homes changes a lot, could trigger some stress at first. Hopefully they will explore and get comfortable and settled in. Just watch them closely for any other signs that might indicate an illness. Good luck!
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Kenny G
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The first thing you need to try to do it put tall plants or any tall decorations against the divider to minimize them from seeing each other and getting stress out. Secondly you just moved them into a large tank it will take time to get adjusted to there new surroundings. Try to make sure each one has a hidding spot where they can run too and feel safe and comfortable.
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One of them was so stressed after less than two days that he died He was very healthy and active before he was moved. The other one developed some sort of fungus a few days later and is now in QT being treated for that. I do have plants by the divider but they won't grow in for a while. I'm going to try it again once I get a new fish. Thank you for the suggestions!
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