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Location: Central Texas
My Petsmart takes pretty good care of their bettas but I see dead ones every once in awhile. The last time I was in there the betta cups were pretty dirty and I found an open container of food which led me to believe that customers were opening food and feeding the bettas. I told the pet care ma aged and I think she misunderstood me because she told me that they were feeding them.
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I love my Petco; water is always clean, been going there for 10 yrs and no dead ones yet! I was there yesterday picking up a 5 gallon for my new betta fish, as well as conditioner and food, when I saw the most beautiful delta! He was albino with purple and blue and looked like a koi fish! I was so tempted to buy him, but I'm waiting till after my vacation. :( Well, I hope the fish I get is as beautiful as he was!
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Twilight Storm
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All the stores that sell bettas around me are bad at times and good at times. It depends who is working I guess.

My local mom and pop store doesn't take the best care of them, but then again they get a LOT of sick bettas from their wholesaler in shipments too. I think a lot of the Walmart bettas must come from this same place. I swear they must have the bettas pre-cupped and just sitting there on racks to be shipped out or something.

I'm changing the care there though and they don't mind. Their bettas aren't really their main focus and their animal cleaner guy sometimes forgets to change their cups daily. Baby steps make great strides in the long run. :)

Oh and if you're not comfortable medicating and nursing a betta back to health JenJen go with a nice healthy guy who picks you to take him home. Remember those nice healthy guys get picked by bad owners too. Whoever grabs you by the heartstrings is generally the fishie for you :D

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