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@ Donna: if you get two of the larger shrimp from the store there is a good chance that you will get two females. Even if you do get a male and a female, ghost shrimp are dificult to raise to adult-hood. Baby shrimp are a great food source for all other fish. That is if they do not get sucked up into the filter system first. Baby shrimp are also very difficult to feed. Unless you buy them special fry-formula fish food, they will simply starve and be eaten by either your fish or the other larger shrimp. So, they are not like pond snails that will overwhelm your tank. You should be fine.

They can be fun to watch though. The females carry the fertilized eggs under their tails. Once they hatch the shrimplettes are on their own, and very small.

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Originally Posted by stephanier View Post
I have a 2.5 gallon tank with one betta and I am thinking about adding 1 or 2 ghost shrimp. I was just wondering what other's experiences have been with ghost shrimps and bettas as tankmates. I would like to have ghost shrimp for cleaning purposes, and also because I think they're kinda cool. Also, I'm not sure if I should add only one ghost shrimp or go for 2, based on the size of my tank, so any input there would also be appreciated.

i had 2 ghost shrimp and my betta ate one the day after i got it, luckily my other one is wayyyyyy to big for my bettas mouth <3 they also flop around in the net and sometimes jump out.... and because they are clear they are kind of hard to find... But i like mine and they are super cheap at Petsmart for only 36 cents plus tax so i like them
good luck with your betta & hope this helps
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How long should ghosties be quarantined?
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I just floated my ghosts. I accidentally bought a pregnant one, so the babies just died. My Betta and Tetras leave them alone. They also like to clean off plants, and the walls of the aquarium, so they take away from the algae.
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I bought 4 ghost shrimp to go with my betta in his 5 gallon. At first he was curious, then left them alone. But when the weekend came and i fasted him for a day he went to town and killed 3, and I watched as he swallowed the 4th little one hole.
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