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Old 07-21-2012, 07:22 PM   #11 
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Location: Ontario Canada
maybe try some assassin snails?
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If you get assassin snails, I hope they do for you what they're supposed to. I have assassins (for which I bred ponds for) and Sakura8 here has assassins and none of them eat pest snails.
sounds like you have MTS if they're pointy shell. Try giving them away for someone with puffers or clown loaches through craigslist/kijiji.
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issue is that they are REALLY hard to get out of the tank cuz atm they are tiiiiiiiiny. As soon as i try they squeesh(which is not a bad thing) on the lip of the tank.
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Location: Dartmouth, NS
I think Sakura "borrowed" a clown loach from the lps to take care of her snails.
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It's not very kind to the fish to borrow it.. the multiple transitions and car rides can be very stressful to the fish.. I wouldn't suggest it.

It does sound like MTS and I wouldn't suggest getting rid of all of them.. they are very beneficial to the substrate and the MTS I have are wonderful enough to clean up fish doo doo and any uneaten food, as well as any decaying plant matter.

I think they're hideous too though. I got one assassin snail in hopes of curbing the population a bit. If you get multiple assassin snails then they are likely to breed and you'll soon end up with no MTS but plenty of assassin snails which, I do not believe, will eat veggie matter so you'll have to feed them somehow. Although, I only bought one but now 2.5 months later she laid a bunch of eggs so I'm waiting to see if I'll end up having more assassins than I originally bargained for. I've heard they do have a low survival rate, so here's hoping I don't have a new population to deal with!

I don't try to remove a the MTS because of their beneficial uses, but I always make sure not to overfeed my fish and if the MTS population gets too high I'll just manually scoop them out into a little zip lock bag with some water in it, freeze them, and then dispose of them. I hope that kills them....
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It might help to clean out the gravel frequently, as there may be some snails that survive your attacks on them hiding out in there. I know some species of snails lay eggs in the gravel as well, but I'm not sure about yours. I'd suggest cleaning out anything that a snail could lay eggs on, since the key to lowering populations of unwanted creatures starts with the eggs. If you make sure no snail eggs hatch and just keep on squishing a few adult snails every day to every few days you should see less snails in your tank.

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o.o A clown loach borrowed from the store sounds more humane than freezing them slowly in a bag!!
My opinion. I'm sure the fish was fine. It was borrowed bc she didn't want it when it grew up large. Either way. When snails become a problem. I had 7 assassin snails. Now I have 3. I don't know what killed them. I feed them bloodworms! they love them!(*since they won't eat snails)
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