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Red face Sorority tank - how much fighting should be tolerated

Also should you intervene in the fighting with long sticks?

  • My tank is already completed the cycle in about 5 days, with the help of my established filter media from my larger fish tank.

Nitrates & ammonia in the S tank have dropped below .50ppm

The QUEEN ALPHA female betta was just as I expected. It's big RED.

There was a lot of fighting initially & I probably should have intervened sooner, but whatever, it worked out. No one died.

Glad I had RED on STANDBY in my bedroom because when I introduced her LAST, she IMMEDIATELY took control of the tank, and forced everyone else into submission.

During the initial fighting with Blue Dolphin aka Delfine & BumbleBee.. I totally forgot about RED. At the last minute I remember, oh yeah, I have one left. My secret weapon that I've fattened up with green insects and caterpillers.

Before RED's intro, I tossed my steel devil Bueroza in the tank hoping she would take control, but it didn't last long. Bueroza put up a good FLARE show until she got hit by Delfine.

After a while, I got fed up with the fighting, so I intervened with my pipette which they're all very familiar with.

Soon after the fighting stopped & the chasing began.

  • NOW I can fully UNDERSTAND why planting like a jungle is absolutely NECESSARY & why a 20G long is HIGHLY recommended. The less dominant girls really do need the space to HIDE & catch their breath when they're being attacked/chased.

Eventually I had to sleep, so I turned the lights off on them and covered the tank with one of my black jackets until I woke up in the morning.

  • I just fed them and they all look fine. My little rainbow sorbet, escaped out of her breeding tank to join in the fight, once she saw me walk by the tank.
  • My little lava red princess is still trying to pick fights with the others while she's safe in her plastic cage, but until she "processes" her food, she's staying in there for observation.
So now, I'm just wondering.....

  • How do you determine which betta to remove from the tank for injury treatment?

I'll post some pictures later this afternoon.

  • The bettas that remain in the tank are smart enough to know their place & will run when RED swims by.

The little red finned rainbow shark lookalike is the best at dodging & avoiding any fight. Sharkie tried to take over the tank when I introduced her, but as soon as Defline entered the tank, Sharkie changed completely & started to hide in the plants and took a back seat to the fighting.

  • I think they'll be okay by the time I return later.


  • Let me know if anyone has any ideas/suggestions. Thanks everyone...
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I lost one girl after it was well established
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Old 07-21-2012, 12:00 PM   #3 
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if they're still not getting along bag all of them and while their out of the tank rearrange things. Then introduce them all at the same time. Don't have them come and go and add one when you think its needed. I think that might be where your problem is coming from. If you get a new girl remove all of them again and introduce at the same time. Its like someone coming up to an established group of friends and trying to fit in vs everyone being new and fitting in equally.
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There maybe a few nipped fins and tears but that's just the way the sorority goes. It's called the 'Pecking Order' and they do that to make them alpha and dominant. It goes on until they agree to whatever. If your fishes show stress such as clamped fins, I would take it out. If there's no stress besides chasing and nipping, they're going to be fine.
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It was the first time I introduced all of them. I read the Sorority Thread by DQ. She said introduce the less aggressive betta first.

Did that.

Immediately fin was torn off, so I introduced the next one that I thought would calm things down. Oh boy was it interesting.

I tried to introduce them 2 a time, like DQ recommended.

Big RED was last.

I have to go to a party, so I'll be back later.

I have to check on them first, but need to make sure I have my camera ready to go.
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I introduced them at the same time.
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