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Originally Posted by Aus View Post
I feel I should offer the other side to this..

My scrawny, chronically ill HM male flails around in a 3 gallon like something's going to eat him any moment, and is always quite pale in a larger tank. He is overfinned for his size and can't swim very well, so I dare say this does nothing for his self-confidence. He's perfectly happy in a 1.5 gallon with a big ball of peacock moss and some silk plants to hide in.

My little female is happy in her 3.5, though I could see her coping with a ten perfectly well. She is also hyper aggressive, however, and like the plakat is in excellent health.
My Beau was like that in the 5.5 I had him in...he just went crazy. Now he is happy, feeling less threatened I guess, in his 1g. I'm hoping he'll adapt better to a 2.5 when I can get it for him.
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Reference Team
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May I speak heresy on this forum? Perhaps a modicum of truth, as well?

As every Betta is different, so is every keeper. For some, having many fish is what brings happiness. In that case financial, but mostly spacial constraints militate against a few large tanks.

For others, building large interesting setups for a few fish is their road to joy. Fishkeeping is often about keeping more than just the fish.

BUT, fishkeeping is for the pleasure of the keeper.

Maintaining healthy active fish enhances that pleasure. The responsibility of every pet owner is to, at minimum, assure just that for his own enjoyment.

If the pleasure of keeping many fish requires smaller accommodations, who is to say the fish resent it? After all, many were grown-out in Jack Daniel pint bottles, shipped in a sandwich bag and displayed in a half-pint cup.

If one has the room for larger tanks and enjoys the look and behavior of their fish in this mode, therein their happiness lies.

The gradations and compromises between these extremes is one among many things that keeps this such a varied and interesting hobby.
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Bigger is always better for bettas they live longer. Longer is better than taller.
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Bettas like heavily planted tanks.
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bettanewbie60 you have a chocolate Betta too mine is carter the one in the 10 gallon is yours a delta tail Betta too that would be creepy mine is from petco.
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I know My betta weaver was in a three gallon hex and he hated it ,so i put him in a 2.5 long and he is happy
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