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How do these set ups sound?

10 gal flatback hex. Kyon on his own (he's become a complete anti social lately)
20 gal long over filtered with a filter for 30 gallon. 6-8 mollies, 6 neons and a bn pleco.
20 gal hex. Cloud much more sociable and community tank compatible. With the 4 bronze Corys and 10 harlequins.

All 3 have sand substrate (play sand) and live plants. I've baught 4 marimo moss balls and the 2 betta tanks will have ial too.

What do you guys think?
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Reference Team
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Mollies are brackish/hardwater fish while neons and bristlenose too I believe all come from softer water habitats. I personally would ditch the mollies and find another more appropriate fish or simply bump up the number of neon tetras you want to include.

You might need to see how big the actual footprint of your second tank is. I don't think a hex tank is going to be ideal for corydoras. I don't know if ten harlequin rasbora will have enough space to swim about either as they seem to grow to around 5cm and ten seems a lot for a 20 gallon hex where the swimming space is probably going to be more vertical than horizontal.
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