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Minor feeding problem (hogging the food)

Alright for starters i'm going to list who is in my 10 gal divided tank.

On the left side:
Rave - Female betta
Diamond - African dwarf frog

On the right side:
Dahvie - Male Betta
Slash - Cory Catfish
Gash - Cory Catfish

And what they eat:
Bettas - Floating betta pellets
everyone else - Sinking bottom feeder pellets

Ok the problem I am having is when I first started out with just Dahvie, Slash, and Gash I had no problems with feeding the floating pellets to dahvie and the sinking pellets to the catfish. Dahvie wasn't interested in the sinking pellets and was completely content with the floating pellets.

Rave however, wants the sinking pellets AND the floating pellets which is why Slash and Gash have to share Dahvie's side (when I had originally wanted them on Rave's side, and Diamond on Dahvie's side) because they weren't getting any of the food, she was hording it all.

I had a good method going on since Diamond only eats one pellet a day, I would feed Rave first in a betta log and while she was eating, sneak a sinking pellet in the back where Diamond hides and she doesn't notice it at all.

Well now out of nowhere, Dahvie is now interested in the sinking pellets, and Rave has caught on to my trick.

So, I had decided maybe I could give EVERYONE flakes and hopefully everyone will get some food.

Well now comes another problem, my bettas are fat. So fat in fact Dahvie is "top heavy" (this has happened before so I know his funny swimming is due to his obesity). This is why I prefer pellets, it's easier to feed them the correct amount when on pellets.

Is there any way or do you have any ideas where I can continue to feed pellets without having my piggy bettas hog it all? It's shocking to me that they want these sinking pellets in the first place I always thought bettas didn't like eating off of the floor..which is why I got the catfish in the first place.
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Maybe temporarily net them (or get them to swim into a big net) for feeding. Teach them the net means food and if they swim in the net they get food. then when you need to feed your other fish you just gently coax your bettas into the net and then their contained.
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