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Old 07-27-2012, 08:30 PM   #1 
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nitrite-ammonia-nitrates.when to change water

how often should i change my water now that im having readings of ammonia,nitrite and nitrate?fish-in cycle.

10 gallon
5 rosy red(fathead)minnows
live and artificial plants
several hiding places
white gravel about 10 pounds
HOB quietflow filter as well as a DIY moving bed filter


dont wanna loose the fish.i know they r cheap feeder fish which is 1 reason i use them but i want to keep them in with my male betta once cycle is complete.i dont want to mess the cycle up so im not sure how much of a water change and how often i should do it to keep them and the cycle alive. :)
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Reference Team
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Change your water now!

Nitrites at 10ppm is 20 times over the limit for any fish.

Water changes don't slow the cycle much. Not much bacteria in the water column.
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Location: phoenix AZ
i actually did about a 20% water change 30 or so minute after the posting.i did a little more research online and just got the urge to change it anyways....but i wasnt sure about the limits and how often to change.but im glad u replied to confirm i did need to change and everything would be fine :)

i should keep changing the water even daily as need to lower the nitrite ammonia and nitrate until it cycles through correct?

and the trite cycle takes longer than ammonia am i correct?its week 3 now..just want to confirm a few things :)
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Old 07-28-2012, 11:41 AM   #4 
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The beneficial bacteria are sticky and adhere to all the surface areas in the tank, in the top layer of substrate and in the filter media...very little are in the water column itself and water only changes will not hurt the cycling process, however, over cleaning and under cleaning can.....

You want to vacuum at least weekly in all areas you can reach without moving anything or disruption of plant roots and give the filter media a swish/rinse in old tank water or dechlorinated water a couple of times a month-Too much mulm/debris buildup can suffocate the BB....

You don't want to base water change needs on water test alone-since you also can have buildup of DOC's that we don't test for.

For a properly stocked filtered 10gal tank-water changes of 50% weekly with vacuum is needed to maintain water quality.

Water prams:
Make an extra water only based on test results of:
Ammonia 0.25ppm or greater
Nitrite 0.25ppm or greater
Ideally you want to keep them at 0ppm--the test products we use test at ppm level and so you will always have some ammonia in the water to support BB.
Nitrate-5-20ppm ideally and at least under 40ppm
Fish can tolerate the gradual rise of nitrate and live in high nitrate water, however, sudden change in nitrate greater than 80-100ppm with a large water change can shock the fish. Plus long term high nitrate can compromise immune response.
Some inverts can't live in high nitrate water
Some fish and inverts are more sensitive than others.
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Location: phoenix AZ
when i had moved i had emptied out half the water in my 10 was out for several hours.but when i emptied it.i took the filter casing,media,thermometer,everything thats in the water and put it at the bottom of the tank along with the fish to keep them wet.once i got it set up.i put water back in and set everything backup...i was worried but leaving the water out for several hours would cause the cycle to stop,but the next day i checked it and had readings..

i havent checked this morning.but i know my readings like night were a lot different than the day thinking the moving bed filter i made has helped out a lot.reading the fish-in cycle on here didnt mention about water changes after getting nitrate and nitrite readings.

thank you Hallyx and OFL for the info and replies.i also thought my plants would caue a problem in the cycling.but learned it actually helps :) again thank you both
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