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Blood worms vs. pellets

Genghis is pretty small (2"?) and seems to have a hard time eating pellets. I've been giving him blood worms, but I would like him to get the more complete nutrition of a pellet. Could it be that he's just spoiled by blood worms and that's why he spits out the pellets? The one pellet I did see him eat, he crunched quite a bit.

He's pretty tenacious with the blood worms, even the big ones - will go back 3-4 times.

I guess my real question, is will he get enough nutrition from blood worms alone, or should I only feed him pellets for a while?
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No bloodworms do not contain enough nutrition to be fed as the staple of a betta's diet.

It could be that the pellets are too big for him to swallow or that he does not like that brand of pellets.

If I have a fussy fish I just feed them only 1-2 pellets and no other food. They will in most cases take the pellets if that is the only food they are getting.
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You can try crushing the pellets and see if he'll eat them that way. If he does, you know that they are simply too big for him, uncrushed. I put them on the kitchen table and smush them with the lid of the pellet container.

Or you could try a smaller pellet; Omega One pellets are microscopic. My kids devour them. The boys eat them whole with no problems; I crush them for the girls, because they're so tiny.
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Old 07-30-2012, 07:55 AM   #4 
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Keep feeding him bloodworms & he'll NEVER eat the pellets. I heard some bettas do get spoiled from being fed too many treats.

I never give my bettas any type of TREAT till they eat normally.

If they don't eat a pellet within 2-5 minutes, I remove it and offer it to another fish.

What brand pellets are you using?
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Old 07-30-2012, 04:44 PM   #5 
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Try the micro pellets (New Life Spectrum or Hikari brand). My little guy did the same thing when I was giving him cheap-o-pellets (it was the only thing the store was selling). He bit it and spit it out. When I got the micro pellets, there was a big difference in how smaller they were and my fish eats those like there was no tomorrow (even after eating nothing but bloodworms for the first week, until I got the new stuff).
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The micro pellets are the best for picky eaters, the NLS is the best to feed but Hikari will do in a pinch, and feed ONLY the pellets, if he doesn't eat them, try again tomorrow, sooner or later he will realize he has to eat them, bloodworms should be given as a treat only and not very often
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