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Baby Betta

Hi everyone I am new to this. I currently have 12 betta's and they all have there own tanks. Something about those poor little guys living in a cup saddens me. Well I was in Petco and there you have it baby betta's I was really upset about those poor little guys so guess what I bought the smallest one which is extremely small and my friends bought the others. My question is how to care for them, is it the same as the adults as far as water temp, feedings, do you feed them more than twice a day because they are babies or do you follow the same instructions? He seems to be doing great but I just want to make sure his care is the same or is there something else I should know?

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Another Petco who sells baby Bettas. Great... Back to the little thing, does it have colors? Is it just colorless and kinda see through? If it has colors, you can feed it crushed high-protein pellets. It's better to give it live foods or frozen foods though. The temperature for babies should be 80-82 degrees, and keep the water extra clean. For those that don't have colors yet, you have to feed it live foods. The same needs as the one with colors but the only difference is the food. Good luck with the little one!! I wish stores would stop selling baby ones...
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Thanks for the advice and yes it is horrible that they are selling these poor little guys. Mine isn't see through but hard to tell what color, his top and bottom fins are darker than his body so I guess he is developing color. I do have the little pellets and i do sort of crush them. He always seems like he is starving. I took the lid off to feed him and he was so excited he jumped out the tank but he is all safe now and i don't take the top off anymore. I feed him twice a day and about 4 crushed pellets a feeding but I swear he seems like he is starving. I will keep his progress posted. Thanks for the advice.
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