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New here :) Tank and heater ? (plus pics)

We brought home our family's new little betta fish, Ty, on Thursday. His tank had been set up since Monday to cycle. I'm a little concerned that his tank us on the small side of acceptable (1.77 gallons) but he seems content and it was what our budget allowed at the time. Here is a pic of his setup, it's the Marina cool 7 kit.

The kit came with a Marina i25 filter with seemed to push him around a bit too much so I now have it baffled using some aquarium sponge. He went from swimming kind of erratically trying to avoid the current to calmly exploring his tank as soon as I fixed his filter up. Right now I have one piece of sponge in front of the outflow and another just resting against the intake to protect his fins. I'm going to play with it later and try to get the sponge for the intake to go inside the filter casing, does anyone know if that's possible with this filter?

At first I was told I didnt need a heater but then read on here how it's strongly recommended. I picked up a Marina c10 (it's suposed to keep the water at 78) but the pilot light never came on. I've taken it out and have been checking his water temps with 2 different thermometers. The water is at about 77 in the mornings and 79-80 in the evenings. We keep our ac at about 71 so I dont know why his water is so warm with no heater. I'm thinking I'll just keep an eye on his temps and re-evaluate if they drop in the winter, does that sound reasonable? Is it normal for the water to stay so far above room temp? Ty seems active and happy...

Anyways here's a pic of Ty if you got through that

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The tank is REALLY small for a cycle but, it can be done. Don't know if it's possible for the flow to go in the filter, though.
You could buy a new, adjustable, know-it-works heater online. Just so you can control the temperature and it has that on and off light if it's working. I use a Hydor THEO. It's better for the Betta because the temperature fluctuates and causes stress. Water is usually colder than room temperature. I don't know the reason why it's warmer. There's nothing bad that's going on, mine is like that too.
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I have that same tank. :) I got it on sale and then got an additional 50% off because it was missing a filter. I used the Aqueon heater thats for up to 5 gals and it worked very well. Its odd how the temp is staying warmer then room temp, but interesting. Good luck, it looks great!
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