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- lelei
Unfortunately Wal-mart employees cannot order or control what or how we sell things that come into our stores. We used to...many many years ago, but the company decided to stop it. We now get what is on demand and/or the home office says we sell. So if Home Office says those vases will be shipped to our stores, we gotta stock them on the shelf even if we hate it or we don't want to. Good news is that I tell people not to buy them when I can or have the opportunity to.

- RainbowSocks
Walmart would flip if you worked not on clock (my store actually fires people for doing it. It's not a matter of your actual being though, the company is scared of ANY way to get into trouble or get sued.) So make sure you are clocked in!
And congrats on getting a start though! I'm glad to hear some of the little guys are getting love and clean water...poor bettas though, I hope they are next in line to get some color, love, and happiness and your sticker idea is brilliant! I wish the best for you to continue on! and I hope your manager get's less irritated and more pleasant about all this.
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I just want to say its so awesome that your doing this !!!! The little white and pink girl you talked about sounds so adorable ! Keep up the great work and keep as updated, what a blessing you are to these fish !!!!
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So far I'm only changing the water on Fridays and Mondays because I just have a four hour shift and can squeeze it in at the end. (If I had my way, I'd do them every day.) So far my supervisors have been fantastic in letting me off the registers specifically to change the water. That white/pink/green girl was gone when I got back, but two of the juvies (one red, one yellow) were still there. There's also a couple darker plakat girls that have been there since I started the water changes. I can tell one is really mellow and would probably do great in a sorority... lol

I was really happy to see someone bought a pretty blue crowntail we had--he had terrible fin rot, and it was taking a lot of my will power not to come in every day and change his water. The pretty boys always go the fastest. We seem to be left with red crowntails and females the most. We get our fish on Thursday, so I know every Friday when I change the cups, I'll be hoping and praying it was just a small shipment. :(

Also, turns out the spouts for bagging fish are "child proof," and apparently employee-proof because I had to ask three different people before someone even knew how to run them. o.O Anyway, about 1/3 cold water and 2/3 warm water = pretty darn close to room temperature. :) Edit: I actually noticed there is an LED light strip over the bettas that keeps the water a little warmer than room temp--so I just keep working with the ratio to get the temps as close as possible.

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