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Question Fin Rot and Medication Question

I think my beautiful betta, Vasco, has a slight case of fin rot, along with a mild swim bladder disorder. I have some other posts describing his condition and asking for diagnosis if you're looking for more information. My question right now, though, is about medication.

I currently have Vasco in a .5-gallon hospital cube with three-fourths of a teaspoon of AQ salt and stress coat in the water. His water is currently at about 74 degrees F, but I have a space heater on in my bedroom with hopes that the warm room will bump the temperature of the water up just a little bit more (it's already up from the temperature it was earlier).

At the store today, I bought Jungle brand Fungus Clear fizz tablets just in case the fin rot doesn't clear up within a few days (or ever worsens - I try to be prepared). Fungus Clear says that it also treats fungus, tail, fin, and mouth rot, hemorrhagic septicemia, clamped fins (which Vasco has on his dorsal), dropsy, eye cloud, pop eye, and swim bladder disease (which I also think Vasco suffers from).

For Vasco's fin rot, clamped fin, and possible swim bladder disorder, would Jungle Fungus Clear be okay to use if the conditions do not improve after the seven-day AQ salt treatments? Or should I just administer some of the tablet tomorrow after a water change and see how it goes?

Also, since Vasco is in a .5-Gallon cube, how would I administer the tablet, which is designed for ten-gallon tanks (one tablet per ten-gallon tank, every four days)?

Oh, dear.
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Make up ten gallons, use .5 of a gallon of that water, throw the rest away? There's a rather clever 'cup method' listed somewhere on this forum, but I can't recall where - maybe someone else could help with that..

Really, you could just plop him in the 10 gallon container with a heater and medicate the lot.. he'd probably enjoy the room and lack of breathing his own pee. I'd medicate him right away, I don't mess around with anything past very mild rot. Once there's a symptom beyond that, into meds they go..

If he's got fin rot -and- sbd, it sounds like he has aeromonus bacteria, which just loves stagnant tanks and ammonia-weakened fish. I'm pretty sure the 'fungus' meds are broad spectrum enough to hit that on the head. A larger tank with a filter or air stone and lots of watewr changes will help prevent a recurrance..

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