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Okay, so I went to Walmart today and as I stated I tend to make it to the fish aquatic section for some reason for another. Anyways out of habit, I was looking through the Betta's wanting to bring them all home with me, sadly none of them seemed ill enough to do it or showing any major issues.

I was also looking at hospital tanks for Delta because doing 100% W/C a day for 10 gallons in honestly quite a bit of work, and I don't have the time. While my girlfriend and her sister looked at their fish. Out of curiosity, I decided to go over and look at the fish. I saw almost every tank excluding the goldfish tanks had a betta in it. This sparked my interest. After looking through the tanks bottom to top, I came across the glow fish tank.

I noticed that the tank had a blue betta in it. sort of, his tail, and fins are so far gone that he looked like something else. This irritated me, that they had a Betta in that tank in that condition, and considering that Glowfish need a semi salted tank I was really worried about him.

To top his fin rot and his salt issues. The pet care lady was telling me that he was an aggressive fish, I don't mind much he won't have any tank mates for a while. Curiousness caught me and I had to ask why she said that. Her response, " We put him in the Tiger Barb tank, and he attacked the other fish, I watched them attack him first, but didn't get around to moving him to a different tank to die in. Until today, I don't see why you want him he will probably die in a week at max"

This was the tip of the ice burg for me. I got mad and ended up raising my voice before I realized I even did. She called a manager, and security because she felt threatened, after they asked what was wrong and my reply. They said I could have the fish for free, because, "he's going to die in a week."

Enough about how I actually obtained him though, and more about him.
He has been given the name Omega. This will go along with my Greek letter names for my Betta's (Delta, Epsilon and Omega.) I think he may be a crown tail, but I am assuming he's one of the Veil Tails or the none labeled Betta's walmart has. Deep blue color, pretty healthy excluding his tail, I threw a filter system in the tank for a few minutes to see if he could handle it, he could. Shy about eating, but he does eat.


I've got him in a 1 Gal fish bowl till he shows signs of improvement. Aq. Salt him once a day 100% water changes, condition and stress relieve his bowl. Feed him when I feed the others, and just give him a nice home to live in. The water temp will not drop below 70*F all the fishes water in my room are at 85*F just incase I spread the ick by doing something.

Anything else you want to say go right ahead, I will post pictures as soon as I get my phone turned back on.
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You do realize almost any container that holds water can double as a hospital tank. You can spend as little as a dollar if you keep your eyes open.

I only keep them in the smaller container for about a week to make sure they're eating and it also makes water changes a lot easier. After 7 days, I move them up to a larger tank if they're acting normally whatever works for you.
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