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Itching for a new tank and fish

Well, I've been itching for another betta for a while. I'm having so much fun with Sonas, that I'm thinking of expanding my fish keeping. I had a rescue with a gill injury (either inflamed, or from a deformity, or an accident. Not sure), but he passed this morning. I wasn't planning on keeping him in the long run, as a friend of mine wanted him, but I wanted to try and help him heal. Even though that didn't work, it also didn't put me off of getting more fish.

My space, however, is rather limited. I live in a 150 sqft studio apartment, with very limited counter space, and not a lot of room for even shelving units that might hold a few tanks at a time. On top of that, I have VERY few outlets. Most of my electronics are plugged into one spot, because its one of two sets of three prong outlets. My fridge is plugged into the other.

Now, all that being said, here's what I'm thinking. I have an extra 3 gallon tank that I could put a male in, and I might do that, but what I really want is another larger tank. I'm torn between:
1) just getting another 6.6 gallon to keep one male in like I'm doing with Sonas
2) getting a 10 gallon (which would require moving Sonas into another room), and splitting it between two males
3) starting a 10 gallon sorority (not sure how many females I could theoretically get. Would also require moving Sonas. Would a small community be possible?)
4) getting a completely different pet (not a fish, maybe a reptile or something I can actually hold)

I really don't know what I'd do XD I should be able to fit the 6.6 gallon in my kitchen on a raised part of my counter. But, I don't know if I want to move Sonas to another part of my apartment. The kitchen is far less active than my bedroom, and I like watching him chase his ghost shrimp around the tank. Unless I move things around and get a tank stand, I only have one place to put a 10 gallon - which, as said, would require moving Sonas, which as I also said, I'm not sure if I want to do.

The only thing I'm 100% on is that it'll be planted, just like Sonas' tank. Might start with a mix of live and fake, until the live plants are big enough to provide hiding spots for females if I do a sorority. I'd really love some input, and experiences from other limited space fish keepers!

I'll draw up a really rough floor plan of my apartment if I need to.

Edit: Just wanted to add that I wasn't really sure where to put this. Care, BH+A, and Compatability all seemed like good forums to put it in XD So, I fell back to this one.

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Ooo fish fever? Well I have a sorority and I love the way it looks because I have 6 girls all swimming round in a ten gallon. And odd number of females is usually better (5 at least ) but my females came together. If you are planting it as well I think it would be perfect for a sorority! I have a small aquarium space to and limited outlets but I got one of those multiple plug things from the Home Depot which mean I can plug in my heater, light and filter with only one outlet. I haven't tried a community tank yet but I will soon and I didn't want one in my ten gallon because you can't really keep that many fish. Where are you keeping Sonas currently and where would you move him to? If you haven't already made your decision that is
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10 Gallon divided for 2 boys

I have a 15 gallon divided for 2 boys, and love it! It gives them plenty of room and only takes up 2 outlets. 1 for the heater and 1 for the filter
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I would also have to agree with the 10 gallon divided with your limited space and outlet number. Maintenance for a divided is also easier than on 2 smaller tanks.
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