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I am looking into getting some new filters for my tanks. I do not like the ones I have as the flow is just too much for most of my lovelies (except for Hannibal who loves his filter).

I found this one:
Was just wondering if anyone here has used it? If not, does it sound like a good filter?

I am really looking to replace ALL my filters except for Hannibal's. So I need filters for tanks of 5 gal and 10 gal. I thought the above one looked nice since it has an adjustable flow and even has sponge on the intake.
That being said, one person who gave a review said it prevented harm to fry. How true could that be? I do a sponge filter right now, but if I could have the same thing in all my tanks, it would make my life slightly easier.

I'm also open to any suggestions from all of you! I have a few long finned (HM, HMDbT) boys that seem to need the adjustable flow though. Odin likes to sit under the flow and it tears at his fins no matter what I put in his way. If I block it with too much, he bites his tail off because of the change.
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The HOB has a an intake tube which I believe has small holes cut into it to prevents it taking up larger particles. I'd say... go for it! It looks awesome :)
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That seems like a nice filter for the price, especially if you are looking to replace all of yours. Not to mention that it essentially has a 5-star rating haha. However, I've always been partial to AquaClear's ( ).
I like these because you can replace different pieces of the media (at different times) to ensure you always have a sufficient amount of bacteria in the filter. You can also adjust if for more or less water flow through the filter. The only thing that I didn't like about these HOB filters is that the lid would rattle a little, which I fixed by putting some thin foam on a couple of the sides (I can't remember what the actual name of it is, but I have it down in the garage). Also, if you turn the filter off then on again, it has to be re-primed which is fairly easily done by turning the flow to the minimum setting until the air pocket gets pushed out of the intake. With that being said, the AC filters have kept my water crystal clear, so I don't really mind re-priming or having to fix the lid.

I'm pretty sure I have an extra AC30 or two floating around here and if you wanted to try it out, I can send it to you (I don't have the media, but those are like $3-4 each from the LFS).

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