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Thanks for the links! I actually have that tank Meggie, and for some reason I just don't like it. I love the Mr. Aqua rimless & bow front tanks, but they don't come with anything right? I believe it's just the tank, and I don't think they sell hoods/lids for that specific shape of tank.. Other than going to a glass shop or something for a lid, but I'd rather have a hood w/ light bulb. Sorry too picky I know!!

kfryman: I know $50 is super low for what I want, does $75 give me any more options you know of?
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Originally Posted by kfryman View Post
BettaQi I think the OP wants a Bowfront tank that they can get, it doesn't help to add tons of tanks that don't fit the description they want. (Don't take offense, I am not trying to be mean)
Idgi both Meggie and sundance also posted non-bow front tanks, so am puzzled as to why you pointed out my overly enthusiastic albeit not particularly accessible post?

I could understand if you said "I realize you're new here and might not understand that cluttering the thread can be annoying, even if it's born out of a seed of thoughtfulness."
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This Tank has a bowfront although technically it isn't a "bowfront" tank if that makes sense. It fits all your requirements except one and is in your price range. The light is decent, not the best, but should grow some low lights as long as you have adequate ferts. The one requirement it doesn't fit is that it is not glass.
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You could go with a DIY set-up, but IMO in the long run this costs more than a kit. Anyway, an example:

Mr. Aqua 3 gal bowfront-$26.99 (next size up on is 7.5 for $41.99.

Fluval 13 watt light-$36 (but free shipping)...this light is probably too strong for a 3 gal but if you want something smaller you'll probably have to go DIY and that can be a pain.

Filter-$8.52. I honestly don't know anything about this filter but it is rated for 3 gal and inexpensive, so...

Fluval Stratum-$18.25 (might only need the 4 lb bag for a 3 gal)

So you're at about $90 for this set up assuming you get the 3 gal tank and the 8.8 lb stratum. This doesn't include any ferts (Floursh, possibly Flourish Excel, root tabs), plants (hopefully you can get some cheap ones...I've spent a fair amount of money on plants so far!), a heater, and a cover for the tank.

If you want to do plants "for real" as in, not just a java fern and a moss ball, it is unfortunately going to be expensive. Especially if you want a bowfront, all glass tank, because those aren't usually available in starter kits.
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