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Join Date: Apr 2016
In the case of an apocalypse...

So I have weird shower thoughts and one of my recent ones was: how would I take care of my little betta in an apocalyptic event? I'm assuming looking after a dog and a cat during an apocalypse would be fine since even if you got separated from them, they have a chance at tapping into their instincts and fighting for their survival, but fish? Filters and heaters would probably cease to work with no electricity and water changes probably wouldn't be feasible. And if you wanted to run away because you have a horde of zombies at your door, you're likely gonna have to leave without your fish. I just imagined running away with a tank in your arms, assuming you didn't have the time to bag them. I'm pretty certain the shock of having to run would freak the fish out and lead to their deaths anyway. But you can't just run away and just leave your fish trapped in their tank, right? You could possibly take them to the nearest body of water, release them into the wild and hope for the best. You'd never see them ever again, but who knows? They might tap into their instincts like a dog or a cat might and they might actually survive. Maybe they'll adapt to the new ecology. They might destroy the ecology, but who cares? It's the freakin apocalypse. Everyone's fighting to survive and your fish deserves a chance to live too, right?

What do you guys think? Do you think our bettas or other pet fish have a chance of surviving an apocalypse, with or without us. What do you think about letting them off into a wild habitat that's never housed bettas before? Would the bettas adapt to the conditions? Or are they just doomed to die, whether it's being trapped in a tank for the rest or their lives with no humans to take care of them or failing to survive in a foreign habitat? i'd love to hear some answers and ideas and maybe it'll give me some peace of mind when/if the apocalypse comes rolling around.
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Location: Connecticut
Interesting questions & storyline.

I certainly think it would be difficult at best for them to survive without our help; no electric or water forever and a day.....eventually we would run out of food for ourself & them as stores would close and we would have no gasoline to drive anyway. Could try catching bugs, harvest ground greens..but lack of water???

I would try a water-way as the last resort that is if it was feasible to walk to one. If its a water-soaked footprint in my neighborhood, no- as it would probably dry up sooner than later.

I think if it became where there was no hope to help them, they became weak & weary, I would take them out of the tank one by one and hold them tight to my heart till they took their last breaths.

Lets hope that day never comes.
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If it came down to that, seeing as how I live in Colorado, a full mile above sea level, I would have to get the clove oil out. It would be the kindest thing to do.
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Location: QLD, Australia
I like to think Id befriend all the stray/loose dogs roaming the streets to protect me as I make my way to the coast where it stays warmer all year round, instead of freezing cold winter, boiling hot summer here.. Each dog can have a little fish bag tied to its neck to help. Then when I arrive, Id dump my guys in a stream and cross my fingers. They all carry pk genes so in a few gens theyd be more suitable for survival...
Ive got friends who kept bettas without heaters over there for years and none died over winter, so I dont think they would have much of a problem surviving temperature wise...Then when its all over Id return to the stream and fish out some hardy melano hmpk

But in reality Id probably just cull them or pour them into a stream or dam here, where they might survive but most likely get eaten/die out in the winter.
In an apocalypse, taking care of fish would be a pretty low priority for me... I might even resort to eating them
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Location: East Lansing, MI
even *I* won't survive an apocalypse of any kind. Doesn't have to be zombies, I can't even handle humans!

I agree with Witchipoo in the event of dire emergency, where we don't have the time, space and means to maintain a fish tank, it's probably better to let them go. We have captive-bred species too. Probably won't survive in the wild. The PKs might, but what about my long-fins =\
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Join Date: Apr 2016
Interesting answers but it seems we have agreements amongst everyone XD I do agree, in the case of an apocalypse, I'd be more concerned about my own safety and survival, but I definitely wouldn't want to leave my fish in their tank, just waiting for the day their death arrives.
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ashleynicol3's Avatar
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Location: Maryland
I was thinking about this the other night because I was reading The Walking Dead, but I was thinking about my dog... He barks every time he hears a noise and he would surely draw all the zombies right to us! [emoji23] I didn't even think about what I would do with my bettas!

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Location: Mahopac, New York
Honestly, if it was the zombie apocalypse, and there were zombies at my door.. My fish would be the last of my concerns. My behind would be jumping out of a window with both of my dogs faster than you can say, "Well, ****." Survival instincts would kick in for most people.

But, if I had the time to do something, I think I'd be another person to euthanize them. There is a lake and a river about half a mile from my house, but they all have large fish.. Even the most healthy, fast PKs would quickly become a meal for a larger fish. The kindest thing to do at that point would be to put them to sleep painlessly.

Maybe if there was a small pond somewhere with no large fish, I'd try to make an effort to release them, but I haven't seen any that such a small fish can survive in around here.

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