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Splitting an Air pump's supply??

I just got my betta fish last week. My husband is so taken by him that he has decided to get his own. Since I am waiting for my 5 gallon tank to arrive in the mail, mine is currently in a 2 gallon, and my husband's is in a 1 gallon waiting to take over my 2 gallon in a few days.

I've seen that people can split the tubing to use 1 air pump for multiple tanks, and as both tanks are in our bedroom and my betta seems to dislike the stronger flow of bubbles in his tank I'd like to know this...

Can I split the tubes to use a TopFin AIR-500 Air Pump between the 2 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. It should be noted that the 5 gallon tank is also going to have a mini power filter. The 2 gallon has no filter and will not in the near future.

My betta doesn't like a strong current, that this airpump seems to produce... and I know the filter will only add to that. So If I split the tubing between the 5 gallon and 2 gallon tank it seems like it will lessen the bubble flow and he may be happier with that.

So... has anyone done this? Is there a good reason not to? Sorry, I'm new to good betta care (meaning I raised many of them but I was younger and did not really know the difference between thriving and surviving for a fish)

Thanks for any advice :) (if anyone suggests anything that means I have to buy something that costs more than $2 it won't happen... we're scraping pennies to make sure we give these fish nice happy homes here and we are too far in the red to spend a penny more)

Now that I think about it... does a "mini might power filter" require the airpump or is it electrically operated? If it requires the airpump, should I just split this pump between the filter and the airstone, can I split it 3 way for the filter and air stone in the 5 gallon tank, and 2 gallon tank's animated decoration?

Sorry about all the questions! n.n''

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You can split the line..You'll need something like this..
Some are plastic some are metal and some have a valve to control the flow.The mini might has a motor so no air pump is needed.
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A Y-splitter for your airline will cost about.. $2. :)
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yo can get te petsmart splitters with valves, this way you can control the flow..
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+1 to aokashi
I can split a pump into 2 tanks (2-2.5gal & 1-14gal) using a valve. I haave another splitting betweek 2- 5galons.
I use this one
It has worked wonders so far and it's very easy to control the flow,
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