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E. Martii plant ok for betta?

So I went to my LFS today to grab a couple Java Ferns. I'm really new at live plants & didn't remember what the ferns looked like. Just took them out of the bag to add them to my tank & the tag says E. Martii. This is them: I'm having trouble finding more info on them. Are they safe for bettas? Also, I wanted Java Ferns to help with ammonia. Are these plants as good as Ferns for that? Also, are they easy to grow? I'm thinking I may need to return them tomorrow for ferns, but I don't want to if I don't have to.... Thanks!
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This is a java fern Sword plants are quite nice, but they really need fertilization, root tabs really help. When you first plant them there is often leaf die off (I know from personal experience). For really good help with ammonia you want stem plants, moneywort, pennywort, anachris, cabomba, water sprite.

Many plants from larger stores like petsmart and petco are mislabled. Do you have a picture of the plant itself? You mentioned a LFS, so there are better odds it was at least labeled as the right kind of plant (a sword not java fern).
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