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Wonderful hospital tank heater!

Hi all-- this is mostly for my Canadian friends who generally shop at Petsmart. :)

Heating a hospital bowl can be ridiculously difficult-- in my experience, it's almost impossible to find effective heaters meant for anything under 2 gallons that will actually heat the water to an acceptable temperature. In the past, I've bought the smallest size of Marina's Aquarium Heaters, which heats for under-2.5-gallon tanks. Originally I started with Aqueon's brand of the same wattage, but ironically theirs is cheaper-- about $17, compared to the $28 I shell out for the Marina variety-- and is too powerful for 1 gallon bowls. I use Aqueon 10 watts in my 2-3 gallon keepers, and it's perfect, keeping the water at a nice steady 79-80 degrees. However, the more expensive, more finnicky Marina heater only hits a max of 79-- usually it's closer to 77-78. Unfortunately, it had been the only acceptable heater I'd been able to find for bowls for a long time.

THEN SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED. (Okay, I'm excited, I apologize.)

My local Petsmart just started stocking Marina's Betta Heaters. On a whim, I picked one up-- they're eleven bucks-- but hadn't used it until this afternoon, when I had to isolate a girl who'd jumped. Misleadingly, these heaters are recommended for 0.5-1.5 gallons-- I wasn't expecting much.

Currently I have the Marina Submersible and the Marina Betta Heater in two identical bowls, right next to each other on my kitchen counter. (Keep in mind the submersible is $28, and the Betta Heater is $11.) The Submersible is currently keeping its bowl at 78 degrees, while the Betta Heater has warmed its bowl to a nice toasty 84 degrees.

So yes. This is a huge endorsement from me. Dear god almighty I am never buying those crappy little overpriced heaters ever again.
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Good to know!
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I've seen these in the store but isn't it a NON-adjustable preset heater?

I've seen these heaters, but the key point is isn't it a NON-adjustable preset heater?

This is one thing I don't like to see in a product.

From the PS website in the product descriptions
  • "No adjustment necessary, heat will automatically increase aquarium temperature by 7 degrees above ambient room temperature"

I wouldn't trust the microchip/sensor that will DETERMINE when to shut the heater off.

Marina makes good products, but I would be wary of this one.

I'm sure it will work in certain tanks, but it could possibly cook your fish in others.

  • For a hospital tank, I would want a heater I can crank up to 93 or higher if possible.
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