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Old 08-10-2012, 11:32 AM   #11 
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It interesting i would try that if he is not better and getting worse.
glutenfreemama i wish you good luck i would try what TheCheese advice. Give us update. I would think if you will decide to treat him with medications do 100% water changes to get rid of the ep salt. Don't worry to stress him with water changes. He is sick and daily water changes better anyway.

I don't know if you can hold the fish and brush him though ...but i like the idea about medications and salt ....

Please give us update.

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just read last post again and have question.
Is white spot that coming of his left gill fuzzy? Is it still there? My concern if it parasite? Do you have magnifying glass?

Another question i thought that lymphoma is not contagious. Then if it true then if can't be lymphoma. Because it girls also got the same symptoms it would be something else. It either fungus or .....

Are you also treating the girl ? Becaue if she is not bloated you don't need to treat her with epsom salt. But i am wondering about black spots.

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He made it the night and even ate his pellet this morning.

The white thing coming out of the gill seems to change through out the day from a ball to a stringy thing about 2-3 mm. I also notice the white on his nose starts inside him then bulges out each side then covers his nose then breaks off then starts the cycle again. Im thinking it isnt lymp because it starts inside him and comes off with a day.

The female still has the lump and I can only see the black spots on her fin if she has light behind and shining on her. I am not treating her with anything still until I have some indication what it cold be.

Here are some pics from this am.
Attached Images
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Old 08-10-2012, 06:20 PM   #14 
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I wonder if its Flukes.
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Old 08-10-2012, 06:24 PM   #15 
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yep, maybe flukes? gill flukes-theyre and external parasite
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i am really thinking the same by description. Especially if it moving and like you wrote it It looks like external parasites. And if he has it then she has it too since they were in the same tank. And if it is you can treat it asap though with aquarium salt. But you need to put both of them in the separate small containers. You can use the one they sell them in.

Is he still bloated though?

With external parasites you need aquarium salt 2 tsp/gall with daily water changes. You need temperature 85-86*.
The proper way to treat ich is a couple ways-

Conservatively you will want to raise temperature to 85 F and add 1tsp per gal of Aquarium Salt 3 times, 12 hours apart so that you end up with 3 times the normal concentration. Perform daily 100% water changes to remove fallen parasites before they can reproduce. Replace the water with the right amount of salt. Do not continue this treatment for more than 14 days.
The temp is important to help speed up the process.

If you want to go the medication route- which is a gamble on whether or not it works, then Jungle’s Parasite Clear, API Super Ick Cure, or Kordon Rid Ich Plus are what is commonly recommended.

Raising the temp up to 86*will speed the life cycle of the Ich and it will help make the Ich fall off the fish faster so you can manually remove the Ich from the tank.

By air drying the net and container between uses will kill any Ich that may be on it.

temp over 86 and the ich is said to stop reproducing and some even say it will kill the Ich

You want to treat for at least 3 days past the last day you could see the ich on the fish to make sure you got the ones that may be hiding in the gill area.

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Old 08-10-2012, 07:14 PM   #17 
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I am thinking if you will put them in the small container you will not able to keep temp up. If this is an issue then you can hit up 10 gall and put their cups in there . Stick their cups to the walls of the tank. You need to make sure they not going to jump out though. You will need to gave 2 more cups for them. When you change the water you will put them in the other cups and the ones that they were in you will wash and dry out for 24 hrs to kill parasites until you use them next day to change them. With parasites it if there is not host the die.

I don't know did i confused you?

I would use aq salt first and see the results and then i would have medications just in case you need to prolong the treatment and use it. You always can return medications.
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Old 08-10-2012, 07:23 PM   #18 
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When i look at the female picture i can see raised scales on the side of her body. Or it just a picture? Is there where lump is? Because if it what you meant her lump then it also can be parasites. They can hide under the scales.

If we diagnosed correctly then you will need to disinfect the tanks,plants, gravel so on.

But again with ich (external parasites) it easy to disinfect . You don't even need to use any solution. You just need to rinse everything and put outside to dry it out for a few days,and it better in a sun. No host parasites dies.
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i would think the same way. It looks like external parasites. If it is then aq salt should help. Pretty much what sunlight wrote is the treatment. I was helping someone on this forum back in april and with the same instructions she was able to get rid of them. I don't know if it 100% ensure though but i think ext parasites you can get rid off.

The person i was helping was using aq salt and medications at the end of the treatment i think. If you want i can text her and double check.

Soory and good luck:(
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Old 08-13-2012, 12:46 PM   #20 
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Its been a stressful few days with my little man. He is still alive but Im not sure he is going to make it.
He is still in the smaller container floating in the 10 gallon.
He is having great difficulty seeing his food to eat it.I end up having to put in 3-4 pellets, one at a time, as he tries to eat them with no success until it falls to the bottom and I try another one. After he gets one I stop.
The white spots seem to be about the same although now that he is in a small countainer I can see that he is "shedding" alot of it. There are at least 10-15 white spots a day on the floor of his home. They are not moving there though. Would external parasite originate from inside???
He is moving awkwardly at times aroung the countainer and seems off balance somewhat. At every daily water change he sinks to the bottom and goes sideways for a while and goes pale.
Some good signs are.....He still greets me when i approach so he has some vision. Through all this he makes small patches of bubble nests. He has made it this long so i still have hope.

Treatment right now is daily water changes with aquarium salt. at 2tsp per gallon. Althouh i am thinking i should switch to epsom salt with the unbalance????

The female is stable, active and eating. Her bump is bigger though so I am going to have to treat her soon.

Here are some pics again.. I know I keep posting them but i think a picture is better that words. You can see the white things on the bottom of his little tank. also his gill white spot just got rubbed of when he swam past his plant so it is not in the pic but has already come back
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