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Old 08-04-2012, 07:14 PM   #1 
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My Rescue's

I have attached my latest rescue's. I feel these little guys deserve a chance. Most of these were sideways in their cups with fin rot. There are in one and two gallons for now but I am upgrading their homes to the appropriate sizes. I figured one and two gallons for no more than a month is better than dying in a cup. Please if you can suggest any help, I am treating them with aquarium salt and stress coat for now and it seems to be doing the trick. Can you tell me the types of betta's because for the most part they just said male betta's.
The first one snowy was practically dead and he is getting better Im treating him with salt and stress coat to get his fins better
The second one is my baby which seems to be fine
The third is gizmo which has tail rot I believe, i took two photos to see is colors and his tail better
The fourth is tiger
The fifth i C. J which has beautiful fins with tail rot I believe
The sixth is valentino
The seventh is fein which is the one that i posted that was laying at the bottom and as you can see he is swimming now which is a great sign he doesn't like photos
The eighth is my very first one Red.
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated and let me know if i am diagnosing them correctly from what you can see.

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Very pretty fish!
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Thank you
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OMg..what a big family.. Congrats to you for making such a commendable decision.. which I know I just rescued one the other day..and one 2 months ago, you are doing a wonderful job, and they all look great!!! Keep up the great work, and Thanks so much for being a Star to come and rescue such gorgeous fishy's!!!
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Old 08-04-2012, 08:13 PM   #5 
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Your 3rd fishy looks like tail biting, but with the AQ salt treatment and clean warm water, he will come along fine..And your RED is same as the rescue I recently got.. who's also in treatment for fin damage..but coming along nicely:)
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those are very pretty rescues! :O
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Great job on your rescues! They look pretty good so far :) It's a lot to take on at one time, but you can do it! Isn't it amazing what clean, warm water can do? Good luck-they're beautiful!

I hope the King I want to rescue is still there Tuesday. I don't have my fishy first aid kit with me right now where I'm house sitting.
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Old 08-05-2012, 03:13 AM   #8 
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Thank-you for rescuing betta's! I am a huge supporter of betta fish rescuers

Fish types:
1st - Halfmoon or Doubletail Male
2nd - Veiltail Female
3rd - Halfmoon Male
4th - Veiltail Male
5th - Halfmoon Male
6th - Halfmoon Male
7th - Halfmoon Male
8th - Veiltail Male

You have a gorgeous family of "Ocean Puppies" ;)

Lovin' all of them

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Old 08-05-2012, 04:41 AM   #9 
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Thanks everyone I actually have 14 total, but these were in the worse shape. There is one at petsmart that has been there for three weeks that I think I'm going to get this week because he is so beautiful but will not be soon. It is an amazing feeling to see them so happy and getting healthy from tender loving care. I love these fish and they all have their own personality that is great and funny at the same time. I just wish places like Walmart (ugh gets me so mad) would not have a fish section all together. 3 of them are from there. There conditions are so horrible. Lelei congrats on your rescue I hope you can get the rest of them from those horrible conditions and if you would please give me the website so I can put in a complaint too, that is just disgusting the way those poor babies are getting treated. Great job to everyone for rescuing these amazing fish and thanks to everyone for having them at all. Life in a cup is horrible.
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Just wanted to add something else about petsmart and petco, when I adopted my king i was looking at all of them of course, but he was the biggest in this little cup, i ask all of you to please pick up the cups because all of them had the pellets sitting on top of the cups, their food did not even make it IN THE CUP. When i did give them their food they were so hungry I actually opened a bottle of the pellets and gave them more. Really if your going to feed them make sure they are getting the food. UGH made me so mad i told the manager. Now when i go in there IS NOT FOOD ON THE LIDS. By the way I told the manager I opened the food and if he wanted me to pay for it no problem I would and he said no you don't have to pay for it you can have it and this will never happen again. This took place at petsmart and petco.
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