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10 gallon betta tankmates

So I upgraded my 2.5 gallon to a 10 gallon. All I did was return the 2.5 to petsmart and get 10 gallon, it was the same price. Am already getting heater and filter but what fish could I put with my betta. And I dont want snails,frogs, maybe shrimp. And I want the fish to be pretty. So whats a good combo for a ten gallon including or not including shrimp. And remember I want the fish to be pretty. All your help would be wonderful.
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I've heard a small school of tetras would be ok, if that's the only other fish in the tank with the betta.
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My tank has neon tetra, which are very pretty! They never chase my betta, and he doesn't chase them. Even if he did try to, they're quite fast and won't get nipped.

I also have a bamboo shrimp and a Siamese algae eater which are peaceful bottom dwellers that never attract my betta's attention. Siamese algae eaters are a little more difficult to find than other cleaner fish, but they won't outgrow your tank like plecos, and they don't harm the slime coats of other fish like Chinese cleaner fish. In my opinion they're also super cute and fun to watch. :)
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platies would be fun and cories... sooo cute...
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