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Female Betta in 2.5 gal tank

I have a male and a female betta sharing a divided tank right now but as my first Betta, the male, is getting to be a little over 2 years old, I think he wont be around much longer. My question is.. would it be better to just leave her in there alone or to try to find a bigger tank for her to share with a few tetras or platys... She is very active and very social (she had to, for a very short period of time, share a tank with a goldfish.. it was an emergency.. and she was playing tag with it)
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Males and females CANNOT live together unless it's a pond or for breeding purposes. Even if it's divided, there will be hormones in the water and the female might get egg bound. The tank is small for both of them, too. Might as well get a bigger tank for her and leave the male in the tank. Goldfish can't live with Bettas either. Bettas are lethargic and could be killed in cold water. And goldfish will produce too much ammonia in warm water. The Betta was most likely CHASING the goldfish. They don't really like other fish. Sorry if I sound rude, I just don't want fish in bad care.
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While I also personally don't recommend keeping males and females in divided tanks (for info on keeping them successfully talk to Mo; it does require large spaces, lots of water changes and a ton of live plants) it will be fine to have the 2.5 to herself.

Now the other issue is have two fish in that tiny tank. The smallest I would recommend safely dividing is a 5 gallon. I really hope your doing a tleast a 50% water change every other day.
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Terribly sorry. My Bettas will be sold here soon anyway. Toodlypip.
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I belive Mr. V said a while back that a female getting eggbound is rare, she will release her eggs and probably eat them. A bigger tank would be recommended as a 2.5 gallon isn't very big, but for now, it will do.
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