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Question Fish tank

My friend has a fish tank, and she said she use to have a turtle who lived up to 20+ years, but she gave him away to her moms friend since she has a lot of the same type of turtles with huge tanks.

Anyways, my friend ask me if I could help her wash it out so I did, the tank had a LOT of dirt in it then she had a stone cave for the turtle, and the gravel was normal rocks [I think she bought them from the Pet Store not sure] and then we rinsed it out took us hours just to rinse it out, the tank has a lid & a light but it didn't have a filter, heater anything really. So now we had rinse the tank out she put in her fake plant from her older tank [we rinsed it out] and then we put it together, so in the corner we have this cave it has a flat surface on the top and then the rest of it is like stairs and in the middle is a hole you/something can crawl into. Then the "Grave" is rocks like rocks you can get as your front yard to decorate it there not huge but sharp regular rocks that are the same size small, then a fake plant. She is getting a filter & heater, but now what? Is there anything wrong with this it looks like a turtle tank to me...? Will this be safe for her Betta, she is waiting for the tank the cycle first but would this be safe for a Betta? There might be SOME dirt under the rocks, not sure but I had to keep getting buckets and scooping up dirt even though we washed the rocks for so long, we were surprised the dirt was still rolled up in the rocks. So I kept scooping water and emptying it and putting clean tap water. Then I added my own Nutrafin Cycle, Nutrafin Aqua Plus, Nutrafin waste control. I think the waste control helped it.

Anyways, will this be healthy for her Betta? Will this kill her Betta? Her Betta is recovering from fin rot.... Anyways is this bad or good?
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Hi. Well the first thing you should know not to do is put sharp objects inside of the bettas tank. Even if the rocks are small. Bettas are very sensitive with their fins and they can easily tear if it passes along the sharp edges of the rocks. My betta Shadow is also recently recovering from fin rot and the best to do is always keep his water clean. You can a kit they sell in pet stores that test for nitrate and ammonia. When it comes to using fake plants make sure to use silk ones. They don't damage his fins either. If you're using tap water you might want to add a water conditioner just to be safe. And if you'll like you can also purchase plant bulbs they sell at pet stores to grow real plants. They help provide more oxygen and keep the water a bit cleaner.
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HEY! What size is the tank? I agree with HadesShadow on not having any decor that are sharp. Clean water is key to healing betta fins.

Would be good if you can keep us updated. On this thread would be good.
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Yeah she didn't have any water conditioner so I let her use some of mine, the rocks aren't sharp but there just like regular rocks but "gravel edition."
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Her tank is a 10 or about a 15 gallon, no fish in it yet since she is waiting for it to cycle. She does have a light and a lid, she is getting a filter & a heater.
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