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I've had great luck with Water Wisteria. It is thriving in my tanks with no help from me, haha.
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Oh naughty naughty mollies!

I guess they know chlorophyll is good for the immune system!
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I have java fern (several varieties), java moss, subwassertang, anubias, bolbitis, cryptocoryne (can be prone to melt but very hardy once established) and hydrilla in low-light, low-tech tanks. All these plants do extremely well, particularly the subwassertang and bolbitis and a few such as anubias and java moss are practically indestructible.
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Originally Posted by mursey View Post
I was just looking myself to try a planted aquarium, or maybe not a planted one but at least put more real plants in my tanks. Just one of my tanks has a lot of anubias and some anacharis. On this one website they have a package of "hardy low light" plants. But these anubias were recommended to me at a lovely local planted aquarium store, they knew I knew nothing about aquatic plants but had several bettas and wanted some fat leaves for them to park themselves. Someone else on this website had told me "floating anubias are the gift we give to bettas". They seem to come in many different varieties.

Petco sold me plants that were not actually aquatic, even though they were called "Aquatic Combo" and they rotted. I am not buying their plants anymore, the anacharis always looks like crap, too.
I'm going to take your suggestion and get some of these, but apparently there's different kinds of anubias. What kind did you get?
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Old 08-07-2012, 11:06 AM   #16 
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Hornwort and Anacharis are doing good in my tank. My first plants too and very happy with how well they are doing ! My Betta loves the Hornwort and sleeps in it now but at first he attacked I just have it floating at the top of the water and its such a pretty shade of green and Perseus thinks it makes a great bed ! The Anacharis is just floating at the bottom of the tank and putting out new stems and roots. Good luck I hope you find some nice plants !

And with any plants you get be sure and put them in some conditioned water for a week or so and check for hitchhikers like snails.

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I don't think the type of anubias matters, from my understanding they are all (if not most) low light and easy to grow. I would just pick one that you like.
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I have a pair of anubias (nana and the narrow leaf variety) and they're doing great despite my screw ups. I also have hornwort which is growing like crazy just floating in the tank. Water wisteria is my stand by as it seems very happy to float along the top and give my bettas a place to sleep that they adore. I've also got some planted in bunches to fill in the back and they're doing equally well like that.

Banana plants. I always thought they were ugly in the stores, but now that I have some and the leaves are growing in, they're beautiful. Super easy, just chuck them in and let them grow. My bettas seem to like peeking out from under the big leaves.
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Originally Posted by xfeejayx View Post
I'm going to take your suggestion and get some of these, but apparently there's different kinds of anubias. What kind did you get?

I'm so sorry but I have no idea what they are called. The ones I have look the same but in different sizes, I think I have seen something called "dwarf anubias" but I think any kind would be fine. Maybe someone more experienced here can suggest the best kinds for us?
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anubis nana is the dwarf variety. For the most one anubis can be interchanged with another in terms of care. They are great. Java moss and java fern are both hardy, and super hard to kill. Crypts are fairly good, however they will have a "die-off" phase when first planted. I often loose from half to all the leaves before they grow back in. You might have some luck with a sword plant (amazon swords are fairly common) they too undergo a die of phase. However some can get quite large. Crypts and swords enjoy root tab fertilizer, otherwise the rest I have mentioned can manage without fertilizers
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