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light fixture adaptability. 830mm bulb??

I picked up this Kotobuki tank and light fixture for real cheap. Got it all set up, it looks and works great.

It's got a 2 light fixture with individual ballasts and switches. I have flo fish and some neon tetras, so I'm thinking throw a blacklight in one of the two slots and I'm good. Well, not that easy.

This Japanese kotobuki stuff is a mess. I think I'm going to have to do some work and adapt it.
I think the bulb is Sanrukku (32W) based of of the markings and measuring the bulb. The site is in Japanese. Goggle chrome translated for me, hopefully you have that too.
830mm long, 32.5mm diameter, I THINK G13 bipin, though I can confirm that relatively easily.

There isn't room in there to go to a 36" bulb, so I might have to put two bulbs in series or something. I don't know, I'm looking for some thoughts if anyone has run across this before.
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Your best best is to bring your tank hood to a local hardware store

See if they have any lights that fit.

Call ahead first to see if they have anyone knowledgeable working when you stop by.

Because if EVERYTHING works, I would leave it alone.

If you want a blacklight, buy a separate light.

Lights are temperamental especially the ones from asia, if you mess around with the wiring or use different bulbs not recommended, you may fry the circuits/transformer/etc...whatever you call them.

That's why I recommend leaving it alone.

Most people on this site have a 2.5 bow style tank.

Only people who are knowledgeable about nano planted tanks or the shrimp tanks will know Kotobuki.

BTW, what is considered real cheap for a Kotobuki?
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Location: Chicago
Oh I already have the tank. That's the 40gl you saw a picture of. The light works fine, I just want one of them to be a blacklight. It has two ballasts in it, so was thinking I could re-do one.
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