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A Rehearsal Went... Well?

I'm singing in a recital this Friday and today I met with the accompanist to rehearse. We got off to a rocky start (He assumed I would meet him at his house, but since no one ever gave me an address I assumed we were meeting at the store the recital was at. But after I gave him a call he came to meet me at the store. First he was going to try giving me directions, but I wasn't familiar with the area his house was in so I probably never would have made it.) but after that it was so much fun! First off, the song I'm doing is just gorgeous. I adore it! And my accompanist quite enjoys the composer's work as well and we talked a bit about another composer as well. So nice to talk to someone familiar with wonderful composers!

Then we rehearsed for a bit, but stopped for a moment. He made a comment about a section of the piece where the tonality was strange, commented that he couldn't write the way this composer did, but asked me if I would like to hear something he did write. So he played a lovely little piece he was working on for me and commented that it was meant for a soprano. And then he asked if I would like to sing it for him when it's finished! I'm just so pleased that he liked the way I sing enough to ask me to work on one of his compositions. It's such a nice compliment! He says he hopes to finish the piece by Friday so he can give it to me at the recital and I can have a look at it.

We spent nearly an hour in rehearsal, but the time just flew by! We still have a few kinks to work out and hopefully everything can be resolved on Friday. Mostly, it's a problem with the space the recital's in. It has glass walls so the sound doesn't reflect and when I'm standing in front of the piano it's hard for us to really collaborate because as I sing the sound's moving forward and there isn't enough getting reflected back for him to really hear what I'm doing. For this rehearsal, I just sang facing him, but I can't do that in front of an audience. We're hoping angling the piano a bit to at least let him see me better so we can take visual cues from each other will help. But we'll figure it out on Friday.

But it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a rehearsal so much and I'm so, very pleased he liked working with me as much as he did. And he said that on the day of the recital getting a run through with me is going to be a priority for him even though other people in the recital are going to be looking for him, too.

I just wanted to share somewhere because I was happier in rehearsal today than I've been all summer. This is why I still love music. For that hour, the depression didn't matter. My self-doubt didn't matter. My disagreements with my family didn't matter. I was just happy. It didn't matter that I'd been in a black mood I couldn't snap out of up until that point. I was able to break through it and really smile and laugh. My mom won't want to hear any of it, so I figured I'd post it here just because I wanted to share it with someone.
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I'm so happy that everything went well for you! That has to be a confidence booster.
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