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Baby Bettas!

Here are a couple shots of some of my betta fry I have currently growing-out. Not sure how old the big ones in the bare-bottom tank are. Maybe 2-3 months. I just separated them from mum and dad's tank the other day so they should start sprouting now I am feeding them three times a day.

The tiny fry are around a month and a bit old. Just big enough to take grindals at the moment haha

Also these are wild betta fry which do not seem to have the insane growth rate of splendens oddly enough.
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So cute! I love when I have fry around (not bettas - more like platys). I can't stop looking at them.
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What species, LBF?

I always enjoy your pic posts :)
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Reference Team
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Fry are so cute when they start looking less like tadpoles and more like little fish. It's just the hassle of finding room for grow-out tanks. Luckily these guys can live with their parents without being eaten so I can separate them out at a later date.

They are Betta tussyae Aus (although could be tussyae/livida as I have a livida male in there). This is a photo of them when they first spawned.

The other small fry are my persephone.
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Hi! I'm new to this website. I got my baby betta fish unfortunately from Petco. (I know everyone seems to hate on them a lot.. but the baby's were too cute so I had to rescue at least one of them from being in those horrible small containers)

Anyways, as of right now I have it in this 1.6 hexagon tank

and she absolutely loves it! She already knows the sound of my voice and swims to the top when i feed her. she seems like a happy, healthy betta fish (which im so glad because i heard most bettas from pet stores usually are sick) she also sleeps and has a couple hiding spots in the plants i have for her.
(im taking a wild guess that its a girl by the lack of color... but she or he is still growing so we'll see)

but the thing i have a question on.. is that i've had her for about 2 weeks now and i've had the underground filtration system running constantly.. it didnt seem to bother her or her fins. but since i found this website tonight im second guessing myself and i shut it off completely now.. what should i do?

and her temperature is around 75 degrees.. which i now know is TOO COLD. if i raise the temperature will she adjust easily?

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I would think she'd become more active in warmer water. I think she'd be ok as long as it's done gradually.
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