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Question Water Treatments and such...

I was just wondering which tap water treatment brands will be best for my betta. i have spent the last two hours scrutinizing prices, and reviews of water conditioners, stress coats, etc. on amazon to see which is best.

also, i would like to know if there is anything else i should buy (heater is on the list, along with a siphon vaccum.) i also read on the forum about some sort of salty aquarium stuff that is supposed to help with healing? dont know what it is, and my fish currently doesnt need it but just in case i might want some in the future, i dont want to have to have a breakdown and yell at my parents to take me to the store to get some...

i kinda want another tank, thats easy to clean and can house a fish or two safely with a filter maybe. any suggestions? question: even if you have a filter you still have to change the water yes? but not as frequently?

hehe all these questions make me feel so unknowledgeable about betta fish, and if you knew me you would know that i like to know things.... wow i sound so demanding. ANYWAY, i would be very happy if someone could answer a few of them. Thanks
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'I like jungle start right for conditioner. Stress coat is another good water conditioner but I use it as a healing aid more than a water conditioner. Aquarium salt is a very good thing to have on hand, it also helps aid the healing process.

Outside of a heater you might want to look into an "in tank" thermometer, they read the temp more accurately than an out of tank one. Maybe pick up a general cure all (stay away from the "fixes"; melafix, bettafix etc) somethign that works good on ich and fin rot would be beneficial. If you want you could also get some frozen bloodworms or whole frozen brine shrimps. Bettas like to tear into something from time to time lol.

Yes you still need to do water changes in a filtered tank, just not as much (unless your fish gets sick, in which case water changes go up in frequency). As for how many you should be doing it really depends on your size of tank, regardless a 25-50% water change once or twice a week should be alright.

don't worry about being a noob at things, we all started somewhere :)
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Prime is one of the most concentrated water conditioners in the hobby, and it's what I use exclusively. For someone with small tanks it'll take you years to go through a bottle. Very cost-effective stuff.

Aquarium salt can be used in low doses to help bettas heal from things like fin rot. However, I've found that increasing the number of water changes and gravel vacuums works a lot better. It also means you don't have to remove the plants like you would for a salt treatment. I don't treat bettas with aquarium salt anymore.

You need to do water changes no matter what kind of fish tank you have. It doesn't matter if it's a 200 gallon saltwater reef tank or a 5 gal betta tank; all of them need periodic water changes. Having a filter can bring the number down to one a week, but you'll still need to do them.

If you're looking to get two bettas, I suggest a divided 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter. Sponge filters are much gentler on the long fins than any power filter, and they are much less expensive. I use the double-divider method and divide my tanks into 3 sections with the middle section being just large enough to hold a sponge filter and heater. I've never had problems with males flaring too much or fighting.
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