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Betta Attacked?

My betta fish lives in a 10 gal. community tank with 3 cory catfish and 5 neon tetras. I've noticed that his tail has been getting pretty beat up and I suspect the neons. Any suggestions as to what to do?
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quarentine the neons and the catfish if you can, then see if in a few days his tail gets more beat up, if it doesn't it's probably one of the other fish. If you need to know how to help it grow back(the tail), use aq salt, it should say on the box how much to put in for fin regrowth.
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I will bet you money it is the neons. Neon tetra are schooling fish and need to be in groups of 6 or more (preferably more than 8 individuals). Without sufficient numbers they will often lash out at the other fish in the tank, and betta are usually a prime target. Frankly, I would remove the betta to a 3 gal tank and keep the cories and neons in the 10 gal tanks. But you're going to want to increase the number of neons or else they could turn on the cories.

For fin regrowth, the best thing is clean water. Aquarium salt just treats finrot and won't actually help regrow the fins. Warm, clean water and good food will regrow them.
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