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Old 08-08-2012, 11:17 PM   #1 
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Exclamation Dangerous? Is the tank and fish ready? [Pics included]

So yesterday I posted something about my fish tank, it was cloudy I had the tank running up for 3 days with the filter, I cleaned the tank and it was the second time about 2 days ago. When I cleaned the tank for the second time I added the package it given me of water conditioner [bottle pack] for a 3 gallon.. Should I add fish now? It has been 3 days, I do understand it's not a good idea to start now but does the tank LOOK safe for the fish? And will it stay cloudy like this, if so I do have a bottle of Nutrafin Aqua plus, how many drops do I put in for a 3 gallon? The bottle says: It says 5mL treats 38 L (10 U.S Gal / 8 U.K Gal) for chlorine
10mL treats 38 L (10 U.S Gal / 8 U.K Gal) chloramine
And then protect scales and fins you do the same thing as the 10mL

Should I reclean the tank and restart, please remember I do not have a test kit so I don't now when the cycle will finish, and I cannot get a test kit until a month due to busy reasons.

Picture of the tank 1
Picture of the tank 2
Picture of the tank 3
Picture of the tank 4
Picture of the tank 5
Last picture of the tank

Sorry, I am a newbie when it comes to bettas, I owned over 30 fish in the past, none where bettas though ;o And what do you guys recommend to put him in so he doesn't get shocked, and when putting one of them in should I turn the light off >.< I don't have a pet store bag but I will be putting him in a zip lock bag ^~^ So I can unzip, and zip for better air and safety.
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From what I understand about cycling, it can take weeks. You don't have to cycle, but you will have to do very frequent water changes until the tank does cycle (which will take longer having your fish in it). I just put my fish in a 5 gallon uncycled tank two days ago, and I already had to do a 50% water change today because of ammonia (it was between .25 and .50 and I'm pretty sure anything above 0 is too much). You really need a testing kit, but if you can't get one yet, I'd say that to be safe you'd have to do a 50% water change every day.

I think the only thing that might shock him is if the water temp is too different from the water he's in now. Whatever he is in now, you can float him in in the tank for about 20 minutes until he slowly adjusts to the water temp. Then you can let him go into the tank.
Also make sure you have a thermometer. and heater if his water doesn't stay above 76.
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Reference Team
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Good advice from OrangeAugust. If you can't afford the full API master test kit right now ([ame=] API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT: Pet Supplies[/ame]) change 50% of your water at least twice a week. Three times won't hurt.

Your tank will cycle eventually all by itself. Best to have a test kit to keep an eye on it.

If he comes from the petstore in a cup, don't bother with baggies. Just float him in the cup in your tank. Replace a third of the cup water with tank water every ten minutes for a half hour (more time if you have the patience) before releasing him into the tank.

Keep the light off for a few days to let him get comfortable, especially at night.
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Did you rinse your gravel good ? If not that could make your water cloudy. Also on the water conditioner I would add about 3 or 4 drops per gallon when you do water changes.
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Honestly, I would change the water again. If it's been sitting for awhile now like that then I don't think it'll change. Vacuum the gravel, if you don't have a vacuum then use a strainer, dump the gravel out into it in the sink, rinse the gravel in hot water- it may just be really dusty.
I used to have the same tank as you, I wouldn't use that filter in there with a Betta as it's typically too windy in that small of a tank. Try this one instead: It's not windy and you can get it at WalMart for $10.

Also, since that tank has a lid, you can raise the water level up. It can be right below the black edge going around the tank.

As for water treatments I used API Stress Coat+, one cap full. It can be found at PetCo, PetSmart and most LFS. I always waited 24 hours before adding my Betta. I personally don't think it's necessary to cycle a tank that small, as you typically would be needing to do water changes once a week or once every other week anyway.

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I was wondering about the gravel too. Another rinse wouldn't hurt it.
The water level and the filter will most likely cause some tail nomming on a heavy finned type. Bettas are not strong swimmers and that kind of output will do more bad than good, cycled or not.
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Easy guide to cycling <- may help you to know about cycling. You can do it fish-in, but there is always a small risk when doing so. As long as you do the proper water changes you can do it safely. EDIT: Unsure if I read wrong.. is it a 10 gal or 3 gal tank? If it is 3 gal, then don't worry about cycling, as the smaller tanks tend not to hold a strong cycle. It will do it's own cycle, but you will want to keep an eye on it if possible for the first few weeks to make sure there are no spikes in chemistry.

Keep in mind the deadliest waters look clean.. you won't be able to see the deadly ammonia and nitrates, etc. So the water will look clean, but can be very bad.. why weekly water changes is a must.
After your tank is cycled I would recommend 1 30-50% water change per week (use a siphon to vacuum the gravel when doing the water change, as waste and leftover food will build up ammonia).

One other tip- those pointy style plants have a bad rep for ripping the fins of the males, so I would look into replacing them with silk style plants if you can. You don't want points (needle type) on the plants. Also, many of them love hiding places, so a small cave or a floating betta log would probably be appreciated.

If the filter is too strong, you can cut and place an aquarium sponge in the outflow (secure with rubber band if needed) to help keep it at a minimal, bettas bought from the cups tend to have diminished muscle strength at first due to not being able to use them, so a strong current can cause a lot of stress to a betta.

Good luck!

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Old 08-09-2012, 01:57 PM   #8 
Twilight Storm
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I was thinking it could be your gravel clouding the water, and your filter making too much current splashing up any dust in the tank. I agree with everyone I would take the gravel out one more time and rinse it off. Rinse the filter cartridge out one more time before turning the filter back on too, to get any dust out of it running now, once you clean the gravel off.

You will want to raise the water to the lip of your filter so you don't have a waterfall disturbing the water. If your betta swims under the waterfall he will most likely get slammed into the gravel. Keep the outflow just at the lip or slightly above it and the current shouldn't be too strong. Again you will have to see if you need to baffle it when your betta does go in. As it is now the bubbles in the tank from the filter show the waterfall is making a really large disturbance.

Depending on the betta, you have you will have to keep an eye on the plants you chose. I had to take a plant like that out of a tank with one fish because he was slicing his fins up with it, but the same plants are ok with a different betta....

welcome to the forum btw :)
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Okay, so if I clean it again swish the gravel longer to clean off the dust, okay. And should I let the filter run again for 24 hours then put him in? Or wait for a few days, I asked our LPS and they don't test the water, Pet Habitat doesn't test the water also since they never really care about there fish, just another popular Pet Store.... In the mall....

How many Nutrafin Aqua Plus do I put in the 3 gallon, the bottle says: It says 5mL treats 38 L (10 U.S Gal / 8 U.K Gal) for chlorine
10mL treats 38 L (10 U.S Gal / 8 U.K Gal) chloramine
And then protect scales and fins you do the same thing as the 10mL.

The filter can be turned down to low settings, so I am not worried about the current it's on high for now just to clear up the tank.
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It's a glass cup.
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