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Talking Uber Stoked!!!

so the beginning of this is boring but if you skip down a few lines you may get stoked too!! but here is HOW and WHY and WHERE im getting stoked.... i go to high school at a technical College, im 16 and in the 11th grade, and i may be starting college classes 1 hour a day(not why im stoked), after September, and in the morning i take E.A.S.T (Environmental and Spacial Technologies) (are you ready for this?) and my English teacher and my sisters old teacher (before she graduated from C.A.D {Computer Aided Drafting}) are my teachers for 'east' well (OMG here it comes) i talked to my English teacher who said she would talk to ' Mr.Teacher ' about having a betta as a class pet in the mornings for my 'east' program, and i could educate the class on them. And the After noon class could feed them before they go home. i said i would take full responsibility for the fish, take it home during the summer ect. If he says yes, im gonna be so HAPPY :D i wrote on a list of paper, the things we would need and the cost range of the things. and i wrote down why i want to do it. ohhhh, i hope he says yes!!! :D then maybe we could take a field trip to Walmart or the LPS and pick on out :D :D or they might do it themselves i dont really know. OH OH OH !!! ANNNND The lady in the office, very nice lady, Named Laci, all last year i would go in there and tell her about my fish, and she said that when her daughter went to get some Gold fish, she ended up picking a betta, and Laci told her Daughter everything she had learned form me, and i wrote down '' for her or her daughter to get on when ever they needed help, i said it was like a face book for fish lol. i told her that it was a great community, and how some one on here had heard i didnt have enough space for a fish atm that i had, and they sent me a kritter keeper int he mail, and she said she would show her daughter the site. So ... Yay to everything today on my first day as a Junior :) :) :)

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It sounds like you had a pretty boring day. Lol Jk everything sounds great! Good luck with getting a classroom betta.
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Oh that is so cool!
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Thanks, and ikr! i was at first like 'youll probably say no....but....can we get a class Betta?' and she was like 'Yeah! sure, ill have to talk to Mr.Randell but suuure!' i was so excited lol...
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