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blue moon
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Exclamation feeding

ok so i was feeding my betta no probs then he spit back the food i though it was a little strange but then i kept feeding him and then he keep spiting it out and eaten it from the ground or while it was floating down and it got more frequently so i stopped feeding him. so time past on and i was searching online for my fish and i read that i should only give my betta 3 pellets every other day and any more can cause your betta to bloating and can cause probs in the future and i started to freak out because i think he his bloated a little so what do i do let it go though his system or ? how much should i feed him with pellets ? do i get him something other then pellets if so what? how much do i feed him if i do get another food ?

please answer quickly im a little worried

the web site says

Feed your Betta no more than 3 pellets every other day! This is very important, as overfeeding is the number one cause of death. Bettas will continue eating as long as you feed them and will eat themselves to death. Also, overfeeding can cause bloating of your Betta fish. Though, this is not as serious as a similar condition referred to as dropsy, it can however cause bladder problems later on that can be fatal.

Clean up any extra food that your Betta does not eat. Similarly, watch your Betta to see if he spits up any food. This could be a sign that your Betta is a picky eater. Try another brand of pellets or dried food.

Though live food may be exciting to watch, frozen and dried products still work great. They are safer and free from potential parasites. Frozen or dried blood worms are a great treat.

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Depending on the size of the pellet, you can feed about 4 - 6 pellets per day, broken down into two feedings. If your betta looks a little bloated, you can stop feeding him for a day or two, then start back on a normal feeding schedule.

You can also supplement his diet with different brands of pellets, frozen worms or shrimp (look for a freezer in the pet aisle). There are a lot of different opinions on feeding. I usually use brine shrimp as a treat, meaning that they may get it once a week or so.
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blue moon
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thank so much i feel so much better :D
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