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FIn nibbling//tearing

Okay...this is my second betta fish. My first I had for about three and a half years, a crown. This one I got about two months ago now, and he's a veil. The tank is 2.5 gallons, has a skull cave, has plants, bright colors, even floaty plants for hiding. I do have a filter, but he doesnt seem pushed around by it so I figure it's okay.

But starting three weeks ago when he was in a cool basement and left alone a lot, I noticed he had nibbled his fin. The plants aren't sharp enough to catch it I think, and just now after I thought he was getting better (his tail fin growing back) I see him turning in circles and getting at his lower fin.

The pH isn't crazy, and I can't do much right now to change the temperature of the tank, which is averaging 29-30 degrees celsius (84-86 degrees farenheit). Its just so hot out.

I've tried changing his scenery, being in the room more often, even tried changing up his feeding schedule a little so there's not quite a routine to his day.

What else can I do?? Or is he simply that kind of betta?
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unfortunately he might just be that kind of betta, a halfmoon ive had for over 2 years with no problems turned tailbiter last month, and theres nothing i can do to get him to stop
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lower temp to 82F toys like floating Betta logs Live food
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Bettas are actually pretty smart, and you could find some way to occupy him so he doesn't think about nipping his tail. One of my bettas did this one time, and I put him next to a female and he never bit his tail again, because his time was occupied by the female. ;) But you don't have to get another fish, you can just try putting a fun toy in his tank. A shiny decoration or new plant, and, although it may sound a little ridiculous, a ping pong ball floating on the surface of the tank. Many of my bettas find them fascinating. They love flaring at them and pushing them around with their mouths, or they may be trying to eat
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