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Baby betta have some questions

So went to petco and found the babies, I have been wanting one for a while now, so was pretty excited to see them. I know I know. Anyways i bought some new life spectrum and some other food reccomended on here. She/he is super small, and wont be able to eat the pellets totally. So I plan on crushing them. I was think 3 pellets a day one in morning 1 in afternoon and one before bed. Does that sound okay or not enough? Unfortunatly live food isn't an option, but I bought some of the best food I could for him/her so I hope all goes well.
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I bought a "Baby Betta" not too long ago! They're very fun to take care of, but you have to be responsible and diligent! I fed her 3-4 of these pellets a day along with blood worms I chopped up:

If you take good care of them, they turn out beautifully! When I got Poppy she as only the length of my thumbnail, but now she's HUGE! I mean, her tail is the biggest I've ever seen in just a regular veil tail female! She's adorable and I've grown so attached to her!
I haven't gotten a good picture of her yet because she just doesn't stay still!! Anyways, this photo shows how big her tail fin is :) <3

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I recommend you order a grindal worm culture! I got one with my shipment of babies and they LOVE the worms, they go for them right away over pellets. The worms live in a tiny tupperware container and they are really low maintenance. All you have to do is put a piece of cat food in with them every couple of days and change their bedding every 6 months. The worms are tiny so babies can eat them, and they survive in the water for up to 3 days, meaning if they sink to the bottom they're readily available for slower/smaller babies.
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Location: Minnesota
Thank you I will be very careful! he/she will be very spoiled! Once he/she grows up will end up in a divided 10g. I will probably post pics tomorrow once she is acclimated and such. (Leaning towards a she)
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