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Babies Arrived

I won an auction for a lot of 6 babies from a copper/turqoise halfmoon pair, and the seller managed to fit 10 in the box they were shipped in

Their real tank is lost somewhere between here (MN) and Syracuse, NY. It is now 5 days past when it should have gotten here. I set up a makeshift tank out of a clear Rubbermaid storage bin for them two days before they arrived and filled it about 2/3 of the way full. Unfortunately the only area that had room for this was right under an A/C vent and I hoped 2 heaters could keep it warm, but they weren't working well and the babies just hung out around them.

So last night I decided I should move them in small groups into Kritter Keepers (and one baby BioOrb) in my bedroom, which is far away from any vents. It was quite an undertaking, I spent the whole afternoon today making the tanks perfect (all have mini filters, heaters, thermometers, at least 2 bottom tank plants and 1 bunch of floating live plants) and moving the fish out into groups. I didn't use any gravel because the tanks are so small, they'll need to be vacuumed regularly. Here are the tanks and my guesses as to the sex of the babies:

Green Tank:
2 copper females (one is tiny!)
1 copper male w/ freckles

Purple Tank:
1 dark copper male
1 copper male w/ red fins

Pink Tank:
1 turq male
1 copper male

Baby BioOrb:
1 turq male
1 copper male?
1 copper female

The turquoise male in the pink tank does have a nip out of his fin that I noticed as I was putting him into the tank, so I'm going to keep a very close eye on them. By the time their real tank arrives I might have to separate them.

They are fast little things and I wasn't able to get a ton of good pics (the Critter Keepers don't have any light source):

Dark male copper and light male copper in the purple tank

I think this is the purple tank too. You can see the lighter copper male's red fins.

Copper female and copper male's tail (or the other way around) in the Baby BiOrb

Hiding in the plants

Copper male and female in the green tank

All 3 coppers in the green tank

Updates on my other fish:
Silas passed away :( I found him this morning. He hadn't been eating since the first day after I brought him home from the pet store. I'm really upset about it, I don't know if I did something to cause it or if he was already sick when I brought him home. I'm going to bury him in the back yard at my parents' house. It's by a nice creek.

The two mustard gas females are good, Gwen is in my avatar. Casper is good, and Persephone is her usual perky self. I'm moving her into the last Kritter Keeper when it's ready.
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You might try getting a refund for Silas, or a replacement.

The only fish I couldn't return I floated down my creek. Seemed more appropriate than burial.

Nice-looking baby-crew, babystarz.
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