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Tank cleaning questions

I have a few questions that arose because of my getting a new tank.

I currently have a 5 gallon unplanted tank with a Tetra whisper filter. I've done TWO 50% water changes so far to help with the tank cycling. Water parameters are great. Now, how often do I have to do these tank cleanings? And is it possible to avoid 100% changes unless absolutely necessary? I'm only asking because I don't want to risk the dropping of the tank when I have to clean it in my dorm -.-

I don't believe my room is close to a bathroom and I don't have the biggest space to clean it (unlike here in which I have 3 bathrooms and a kitchen)

Don't get me wrong, I am willing to do 100% changes if I have to. And if I have to do more frequent 50% changes, I'm fine with that.

Question #2. Pudge is paranoid of the net. PARANOID. I've almost clipped his gorgeous tail the other day putting him in the tank, and again today. I use a smaller tupperware to scoop him out, but that seemed to make him more stressed. Any advice for this?

Question #3 (just a stupid question). Because of the AC in my room, the tank reaches ideal conditions. Once it's off, the tank levels out around 80 degrees. I feel bad because the bubble nests my boys make end up breaking apart (I guess because of the change in temperature..?) Is there a way to gaurantee that the bubble nests would stay..?

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First, I must ask. Is that the Tetra Whisper 3i filter? The sponge filter they make?

If you're cycling your tank with your fish in, you want to do as many 50% changes as you need to keep the ammonia below 0.25ppm. Test daily (I mark a test tube half-way and do 4-drop half-tests)

Do not do 100% changes. Do not clean your filter or decor. Lightly vacuum your gravel every other change.

You won't be doing any more 100% changes, so your fish will not likely need to be netted.

Don't worry about bubble nests. Building them keeps them entertained and feeling important.

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Basement Bettas
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Two water changes does not make a cycle tank. Takes a few months. Best get a test kit and test DAILY for ammonia. And it MUST be zero. It gets above that change water till zero. As the ammonia rises and the bacter develop to break that down you will see the nitrite rise. Again, anyting above zero in toxic. Water change!! it will take a few months till you can let the tank go a bit.. but still check the quality. Every grwo out tank gets set up with a sponge wall and K1 media in a soda bottle. They start from scratch when the fry go in and it takes at least 30 days seeding the media with bacteria. But it does allow me to keep lots of fish in quality water and only do 2 water changes a week.
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