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Unhappy Mimi is sick but i only got him two weeks ago! :(

About 2 weeks ago I went with my little sister to the pet store to pick out a fish. She picked out a blue betta male and him Mimi. She loves him so much, but I have noticed some things that are wrong. He used to be a beautiful blue, and now he is turning white around the face, and brown on the tips of his fins and stomach. He is also very sluggish and lies on his side a lot. He doesn't eat his food. I only got him 2 weeks ago! Please help, he means so much to my little sister, here is some more info:

He lives in a 1 gallon, plastic bowl. There is colored gravel, a fake plant, and a thermomator. The average temperature in his bowl is about 70-75 degrees. He has no heater or filter. I feed him two pellets of Top Fin - Color Enhancing Betta food a day. They usually sink to the bottom of his tank because he does not eat them. He doesn't poop either. Like I said, he is becoming strangely discolored. This fasting and very low energy might be because it's two cold, but I'm not sure, and I don't know how to raise the temp. without a heater. My little sister and I change Mimi's water about every 4-5 days. I don't what is happening! Please respond I need to save Mimi's life or my sister will be devastated. I'll be pretty sad too. Thank you so much for reading this, it means a lot to me. I really hope you respond because I don't think Mimi has much time left.
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Is his stomach bloated? Did you ever see his poop? What color of his poop?

White around his face? Are you able to post his picture? Is it white patches around his face? Is it looks like he sprinkled with salt?
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Buy a mini-heater ASAP (there's a brand called Hydor that makes one), and for the time being, put him in a warmer spot of the house. He's not eating and is pale around the face because he's too cold. Bettas prefer a constant temperature of 78 degrees or above. Do you take the pellets that he doesn't eat out of his tank? If not, there's also a serious water quality issue going on here.

Also, with a tank of that size, you should be doing 100% water changes every 3 days or less. If you get him warmed up and change his water more often, I think Mimi will be right as rain soon.
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Water changes every 4-5 days in 1 gallon unfiltered bowl isn't that good. Ammonia builds up fast in those little tanks so you need to do at least 2 per week. 1 50% change and 1 100%. Also, bettas are tropical fish and need to be in water that is at least 76-82F. If not they will become lethargic and sluggish. If the water temperature changes too fast (more than 1 degree per hour) it could shock your fish. Please answer these questions so we know how to help you more.
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it might be the 'mystery disease" sakura was talking about. You can PM )private message her) to find out more. As for now, he needs CLEAN WATER!!! I would clean a tank that size 3 times a week, 100%. DO you use water dechlorinator/conditionder? Is the white spots fuzzy? Does he look like he has been sprinkled in salt or gold dust? Is he missing scales, are his fins shredded or blackish on the tips?

I hope Mimi gets better and i give him my prayers :)
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He's cold and developing fin rot.

- Bettas are tropical fish and thrive in warmth. He's acting sick because he's really cold. Get a heater and make sure the water temperature doesn't go below 76F. They are vulnerable to sickness in cold temperature.
- His fins are probably starting to rot now. When they keep getting smaller and smaller, you know it's fin rot. If this is happening to him, treat with aquarium salt and CLEAN water. Only treat for 10 days and do daily 100% water changes. Did you take out the uneaten food? It will turn into ammonia after a short amount of time and decompose.

Did you add in water conditioner? Please get him a heater right away and read what I wrote above. Please RESEARCH before you buy any animal. No animal is easy to maintain, let alone fish. Do 1 100% and 1 50% changes per week.
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I am concern about white around the face. If it can be external parasites. Because sometimes ich starts as white spot ....and then spreads. Or if it fuzzy,cottony like which can be fungus and the temperature better to be no higher then 76*.
Also sometimes if stomach get discolored and bloated it can be internal parasites.

As first help i would start making 50% water changes for a few times and see if it helps. And picture will helps
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A lot of info being thrown out here...

A betta will be fine and live in that temperature. Do they prefer warmer? Yes. Are they generally healthier in warmer water? Yes. But will that temperature cause death? No. Will that temperature cause what is going on right now? Nope.

As long as the temperature isn't fluctuating greatly at rapid speed, that temperature shouldn't be an issue. In the long run, lowered temperature causes lowered metabolism and in some instances, lowered immune system. But in the short time you have had him, it hasn't caused any physical harm to him. You will want to buy a 7-10 watt heater for your tank at some point, especially before winter comes.

He was most likely ill when you purchased him.. sadly we don't always see anything wrong until days or even weeks later.

He isn't pooping because he isn't eating and he won't eat because he isn't doing so well.

He may have fin rot, in which case I would up the water changes over the next couple of weeks to daily 25% to keep his water cleaner then average. Make sure to use water conditioner and the temperature the same to avoid shocking him.

Every 4-5 days, 100% water change is fine.. the only other recommended amount is 1 50% and 1 100% per week for that size tank, unfiltered. Any more then that you are doing him a disservice and can cause him lowered immunity. Water can be too clean.. but that is for healthy fish. For sick fish you do want that sterile environment.

Without a picture it will be hard to diagnose, nor give you the correct recommendation on how to treat. But I will give you what I believe is the better choice in this instance but sadly, I don't have a positive outlook on him at this point from the sounds of it.

I would start out with 2 teaspoons of AQ salt per gallon - you will want to remove him (use the cup you got him in), do a 100% water change in his tank and add in water conditioner, in a separate cup place just a small amount of water and a drop of water conditioner and mix in the 2tsp of AQ salt and stir stir stir until it is dissolved (sometimes using hot water will cause it to dissolve quicker). Now you can do this one of multiple ways.. I will make it easier on you-
After adjusting him to the new water place him in his tank then slowly every 5-10 minutes add in just a little bit of the salt water to his tank. Continue doing that until the cup is empty. I would aim for 25% or a little less each time you pour it in there.. that way he slowly adjusts to the salt entering into his water.

Another way to do it is float him in his cup in the tank, salt water already poured in, and every 5-10 minutes remove some water from the cup and replace it with water from the tank and do that for roughly 25 minutes or so.

Daily 100% water changes and repeating the salt process each time is needed for no longer then 10 days.

I can't promise that it will work, but it may help bring back some energy and feel a bit better.

If his stomach is bloated, then replace the AQ salt with Epsom salt and do the same process as you would the AQ salt.

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I agree that that all those symptoms not because of the water temp. I know a lot of people who have betta in low temperature , and they are not sick for long time. They probably adjusted to it. And i think aq salt and epsom salt also both have antibacterial / fungal effect.
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oh thats to bad my betta has ben acting wierd too His face is now yellow and it was pink. i got him(his name is konobi)a week ago. hope he gets better. by the way try taking out the rocks they might make the water mucky and make mimi sick or mabe try to see if there is alage and if there is then clean the tank. im no fish expert but you could try totake out the plant for a few days and see if his behavier changes. good luck!!!!
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betta, discolored, lathargic, laying on side, not eating

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