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Exclamation First time betta owner, pellet question

I tried looking for another thread that goes in-depth on pellets for bettas, but I was unsuccessful. I am currently using Aqueon betta pellets. They are extremely tiny so I'm assuming they're micro pellets. The instructions say to feed the betta 2-3 times a day in small amounts, but it doesn't have a serving amount. I am getting very confused because I am reading different amounts on different websites and I want to be make sure I'm feeding him properly. So how many pellets should I be feeding him and how many times a day. (And if there are better and worse times to feed him). Also what brand pellets do you guys recommend, and how many do I serve in that particular brand? I am also going to get him some blood worms as a treat, what do you recommend?

Thank you!
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I suggest 2 pellets, 2 times per day. :) Don't feed him 1 day a week. It's called fasting. I suggest New Life Spectrum Betta Formula. It's also the same amount. It's a more high quality Betta food and it has great ingredients. Omega One Bloodworms are great if freeze-dried. Feed FD foods sparingly, can cause bloat. Frozen and live are best. :) Welcome.
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I feed my betta fishies wardley betta food pellets, they are larger then aqueon, so I feed my bettas about 4-5 pellets morning and night, I did the same thing with aqyeon !
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Kenny G
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I feed my 2 betta's Hikari Betta micro pellets and I feed them 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening. It's always better to underfeed than overfeed but there is nothing edged in store. It's always a personal perference. Regarding blood worms you can feed them that as a treat twice a week.
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i feed new life spectrum now that i finally ordered it but before i was using the HBH betta bites. with the betta bites they got 2 or 3 a day the NLS im feeing 3 to 4 because they are smaller. and yes pick one day a week to fast them
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Omega One Betta Buffet, and New Life Spectrum, are both great brands for pellets, I feed Omega One, since there is no NLS around my area!

If you are going to feed live blood worms, cut them up first, other wise they can burrow themselves out of your fish's stomach, which will kill your fish D:

Freeze Dried Bloodworms, are a treat, feed sparingly.
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