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Question Betta and flakes

My female betta lives in a 55 gallon with lots of other fish.. gourami, tetra etc..

And I feed them all tropical fish flakes and sometimes bloodworms.

Betty.. my female.. she really likes the fish flakes!
I can't keep her from eating them!

Ive tried putting her in a net while the others eat and then I feed her the little betta pellets, but she eats all the extra flakes lying around and goes crazy!

I really don't know what to do with her

Is it really that bad for betta to eat flakes?


Someone suggested that I put her in one of those little breeder containers that sit on the side while the others eat but the top of the tank its weird. It was a long thin hole for the filter and heater and then 2 other long thin holes that a breeder tank thing wont fit and the light covers it anyways

Does anyone have a solution or a reason why betta can't eat fish flakes?

Ive heard that goldfish flakes are bad because goldfish are herbivores so their flakes arent good for betta since theyre carnivores and need more protein than that.. but are the tropical fish flakes also veggies?
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The reason we say flakes are not as good is because you cannot portion them out, meaning you cant really control the amount your betta is fed. Flakes come in all different sizes, where as pellets are all the same size therefore you easily control the amount she eats.

As long as she is not bloated or doesn't get bloated, she will be fine.
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