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Juvenile Beta and Apple Snail Eggs/Babies?

So I adopted a juvenile betta recently from PetSmart. He was one of those "baby betas" they have now and he looked the saddest so I took him home to give him better care.

Currently I have him in a 1 gallon critter keeper with a small heater, no filter. I'm doing daily water changes of 50% and full water changes every couple days. I'm currently cycling a 10 gallon which I'm going to use a tank divider with so I can put this little guy in one side and another beta in the other (my friend has to get rid of his beta and I'm going to take him in once the tank is fully cycled.)

So my beta, he's about 1 inch long and his fins are just barely starting to grow out(and I'm pretty sure he's a he because of the finnage). In my 20gal tall tank I've got a mated pair of p. bridgesii apple snails who have produced 2 clutches of eggs. The first clutch is 18 days old, the second was laid yesterday. I am starting to see the baby snails through the eggs casings so I know they're going to hatch soon. My question is can I keep the babies in with my young beta? I'm afraid to have them hatch directly in my 20 gallon because of my fully ground betta, pleco or cories eating the babies. I feel like my new little guy would leave them alone more if I keep him well fed.

Will my juvenile eat them? And if he did nab a few would the small shells be a problem for him to digest? After I move him into to 10g I plan on using the kritter keeper for the snails regardless, but in the meantime can they co-habitate or should I keep the babies in a tupperware temporarily?
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Why chance it? I would separate them..Better safe than sorry. I would hate for them to be eaten.
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Keep the babies in a tupperware container temporarily. I did that just so I could monitor them and make sure they are getting fed. Once they are large enough they should be safe to let free in the tank. Fair warning, you might not want to let the entire two clutches hatch. One clutch alone can have 200 babies.
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