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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
Wow, OFL no need for me to compile info from other sites anymore. Definitely know & completely understand what I did wrong with my plants in the past after reading your posts.

For the Verilux light tube it's rated @ 14,000 hours.
Running 10 hours on a automatic timer x 365 days = 3650 hours. If I replace the light in the canopy every 12 months, there's about 10,000 hours left before the fluorescent tube needs to be replaced.

$13 a year for a bulb that can sustain plants is pretty cheap.

I haven't used fertilizers yet, but I have strategically dropped bettapies around the roots/rhizome of the anubias and java ferns. Does that do anything?
flourescent lights lose their kelvin rating over time, the light will still work but the wavelength wont be correct for the plant.

fairy74- seachem flourish comprehensive is a good liquid fertilizer, if you have root plants their root tabs are also good.
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
Put the plant in a container of dechlorinated water in a sunny window and see if the natural light with bring it back to life.....It sounds like it was grown out of the water and the leaves are in transition and the roots might still be viable, however, if they didn't get the correct light that they can use they will die...kinda like being placed in the dark....
I shall do that thanks.

Also with the Vallis Vallisneria spiralis 'leopard is it ok to leave that in its pots and just half bury it? i prefer the potted ones as the corys are enjoying uprooting my Rotala Rotundifolia.
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I heard of that as well, the full spectrum lamps lose their K rating over time, but forgot how long to let them run before replacing them. Based on what OFL recommends, every 12 months or so, I'll swap it out with a new one, but I'll keep the "used bulb" around for the basement or something.

I'll run mine on a automated timer for about 10 hours a day, from 5pm-5am. [Tanks will double as a nightlight] I may let them run for 4000 hours before I replace them with a new bulb.

I heard it was like replace every 6 months for reptiles. But those are basking UVB or something lamps
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