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Raising female betta

If you get one female young betta, what size tank does she need? and if say in 4 months you get another, can it go in with the other one? er, no, ok you get 2 more young females, can they go in with the older female?

Do you see where Im going with this? Can the first female be in a 5 gallon and grow big and strong, since she is alone? And when you get the other two young females can you put them all in a 10 gal and the two young females will also grow big and strong?

Id like to have a sorority tank, but also would like to pick the girls as I go, not just all at once. I dont understand the hormone generating and stunting growth.

Also, can brother and sister be in a 5 gallon together? Is a 10 better? well until you have to separate them.

Ok, thanks.
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it can work... but it is really best to get all your females at once, because every time you add a new one they will all start fighting for their place in the pecking order again. i wouldnt recommend getting one, keeping her for a year or so, and then adding 2 more young ones, because by then your big female probably is used to the solitary life and is now big enough to kill the two younger smaller ones. Dont worry about the stunt growth hormones, because you shouldnt be getting fish that are that young anyway... also you shouldnt put a brother and sister together because by the time they are ready to be sold they shouldve already been separated from each other. i think the best thing you can do is to pick up to 5 females you like, over the course of 2 or 3 weeks, keep them separate, and add them all to a 10 gallon tank at the same time, that way you get all the fighting over with fast. females put together at a younger age tend to do better in sororites than older ones, but keep in mind that not all females can be kept in sororities, some will just be too mean, or too nice. and will either kill or get killed as a result
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Solitary bettas (both male and female) will become aggressive. As stated above, your old female will pick on the younger ones. You have a better chance on a sorority if there are more females in the same tank. A few hide outs can give limited protection as well. BUT they will fight during the first few hours to a day.

Usually if the new members were very much smaller than the old one, after the first day she should not feel threatened and calm down (not always). But if their sizes are all fairly equal, they will fight until one gives in.

What has worked for me is that the dominant one must constantly be in contact with a betta. If the small ones has places to hide and the alfa has time alone, she will often show aggression the minute she sees another female. I usually put them in bare tanks first. Once aggression has reduced greatly, then I put in plants or other ornaments.
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Ahh, thank you... interesting to put in bare tank, with no place to hide, or run through.

Yeah it makes sense to me, that the age difference would be a challenge, I just thought perhaps because they would be smaller, then the first one would just accept them as not a threat.

Although in cats, the dominate male will kill all the male kittens, usually, but keep the females, lol. And then some will let the males live.. depends on the individual.

Thank you very much for the info, and just in a 10 gallon. Hmmm, I was thinking a 20. But will save 20 for the grow out.. this is all speculation right now. But I like to have a plan.

I doubt i will ever breed them, but then I again, I think i would enjoy that. But I need a better water source, lol.
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